Home Decorating Tips

Key Tips in Working Black and White Motifs

Home Decorating Tips

Key Tips in Working Black and White Motifs

Posted on January 16, 2017

A color scheme of black and white exudes class and timeless charm. That’s why for some, a black and white look is a must-try for at least one room in the house. But how do you pull off a balanced black and white interior dress up? One that doesn’t look stiff and intimidating? Check out these basic tips for working black and white motifs.


Completely up to you and what you intend with your space. White is great for when you want your space to look airy, clean and crisp. On the other hand, black adds drama, mood and packs a powerful statement without being too loud. It should help you to know, as well, that black does not shrink space. Think of the night sky and the infinite space and depth to it.


Black and white themed rooms need not be solid, plain or boring. You can always add playful, modern graphics or patterns to break the intensity. These patterns will introduce movement into the room, while stripes should be an easy fix to lengthen an element in the room.

Graphics and patterns simply add edge to simple and traditional spaces.


Anything goes, and again, your choice of deco pieces should depend on the mood or feel you’re trying to capture. Looking to impress? Stick with solid black and white decor and furniture. No need to go out and hunt for new items at the mall! If you have time for a little DIY, a coat of glossy white or black paint to your furniture should spruce it up and give it a style upgrade.

Of course color is also welcome. Black and white would serve as a nice backdrop for pops of bright color such as those on the cover of your children’s books, magazine covers, pillow cases and the like.

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