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Should You Paint When it’s Raining Outside?

painting a house in rainy weather

Home Decorating Tips

Should You Paint When it’s Raining Outside?

Posted on May 14, 2020

Is it okay to paint in the rainy season? Will the rain modify a paint’s quality? Can you paint indoors when it’s raining outside? These are a few of the usual questions usually asked when it comes to doing a painting project in the wet season of gloomy skies and strong winds. Read on for clarity with these few painting in the rain facts and tips!

Fact Check: What You Need to Know About Paint and the Rain

The one true fact about painting in the rainy season is that you should never paint on surfaces that are actively being rained on. It’s a waste of your time, money and effort. And this may be why:

When your surface is wet, the moisture in it prevents paint from completely adhering to your surface. And this is a recipe for a painting disaster. When air and water seep in, it may create cracks and peels.

See, when you’re painting in the rainy season, it’s not the rain that you should be looking out for. Your paint’s performance, whether it sticks well on the surface or not, is determined by climatic conditions such as moisture and temperature. And these two are erratic and unpredictable in the rainy season.

So, Can You Paint Indoors When It’s Raining Outside?

The short answer is yes. As long as the interior walls and surfaces are dry and far from incidents having to do with water, you can paint with peace of mind. It’s still a better idea to save your painting project for a clear day, but when it needs to be done right away, make sure to check these handy hints and tips.

  1. Mind the temperature of the room and your surface
    The minimum temperature for painting is 10°C but make sure to check with your product’s packaging. Keep in mind that surfaces, depending on its material, will generally be colder than room temperature.
  2. Extend your paint’s drying time

You have to have a lot of patience when painting during the rainy season. Colder temperatures mean that the paint is going to dry much slower. A longer recoat process also follows. One way to hasten things up is to ensure that there is proper air circulation. Open doors and windows for increased air flow. Using fans may also be helpful.

  1. Before you get started, make a plan
    As soon as you accept that colder temperatures will lengthen the painting process, the better. Plan and schedule your project. Because there is less daylight in the day, make sure to time and scatter your painting sessions into many days.
  2. Use the right tools
    Use paint products that ensure you get the job done. A finish coat for exterior and interior surfaces, ​Island Prima is a pure acrylic-based paint that’s formulated to deliver superior adhesion. That means less chances of premature cracks, peels and chalking! To make sure that water stays out of your walls, patch up with ​Island Super Kinis Skim Coat​, a plastering compound with excellent filling properties and superb bonding strength!

Now, can you paint indoors when it’s raining outside? As long as you know the whys and what to expect, there is no doubt that you can!

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