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Paint the Town Pretty: 4 Decorative Painting Tips

Posted on October 12, 2018

Bored of your plain spaces? Give your favorite spaces a colorful, creative twist with these various decorative painting ideas with Decoratex by Island Paints.

Decorative Painting Tips

Take a blank wall or ceiling and turn your room into a beautiful space with these inspired decorative painting ideas:

  • Strié: A French word that means “streaking”, it is a decorative painting technique that adds texture and depth to a space. It uses two different paint colors that give a room highlights and lowlights. Apply the base coat with a glossy paint, then you use a wallpaper brush is applied on the surface to give the wall texture in the way of directional strokes to wipe away the paint.
  • Color Washing: Similar to the strié technique, color washing adds depth and texture to a space. This technique requires working on a wet surface for a better outcome, so it is best to premix the paint you are going to use before applying it to the wall. Then, use a dry brush to gently disperse the paint in darker areas, working until you cannot see the brush lines. Feel free to colorwash with more than one color, but remember to keep them in the same tone so that they would look well together on your surface.
  • Stencils: If you want to create striking images on your walls but have no confidence in your art skills, getting stencils is a quick and brilliant decorative painting solution. There is a multitude of stencils available online that you can order to use, and then you can give your walls the striking look you want to achieve.
  • Patterns: Just like how patterns on clothes make fashion more interesting, you can give your ideal spaces an interesting look by painting different decorative patterns on them. Polka dots are a fun option, giving your otherwise plain walls interesting pops of colors. Stripes are a classic pattern, and you can vary the thickness of the strokes you paint on the walls can give it different vibes. Thin stripes give a subtle texture to the walls, while big bold stripes give the walls a strong character.

To help you with decorative painting, Island Premium Paints has Decoratex for you. Decoratex is suited for interior walls and ceilings and can be applied to almost all types of primed surfaces. Designed to produce varied textured finishes, Decoratex can help you achieve the look you want for your ideal space.

Visit the Island Premium Paints website for more information about Decoratex and other products:

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