Manufacturer of House & Automotive Paints in the Philippines

Manufacturer of House & Automotive Paints in the Philippines

manufacturer of quality paints in the philippines

Varnish. Thinners. Paints. Tin. Flexible Packaging.

We are Treasure Island Industrial Corporation (TIIC) and we are here to stay.

A Cebu-based manufacturing conglomerate founded in the 1950’s, Treasure Island is an established manufacturing company providing construction chemicals and paints. Globally competitive and trusted in the way we do business, Treasure Island exists with this goal in mind: To provide customers with exceptional service and quality products that have the best value for money.

Commercial buildings and homes proudly stand stamped with the quality only Treasure Island can bring. From 30 sq. meter studios to breathtaking skyscrapers, Treasure Island has long been a passionately committed partner in this dynamic construction industry and has become a household name in construction needs across the country.

Fulfilling the demands of this ever-growing industry, Treasure Island went into the production of quality house and automotive paints aptly named Island Paints. Thinking and acting one step ahead of the competition, we are also the recognized partner of international label, Transocean Marine Paints, distributing specially-formulated paints for ocean-faring ships and other marine craft.

Treasure Island ventured into manufacturing another growing market need: styrofoam boxes. Hence, together with an industrial partner, Treasure Island created Styropack Industrial Corp, a subsidiary existing solely for manufacturing styrofoam products.

Thus, Styropack Industrial Corp completed the Treasure Island packaging division. Manufacturing tin cans, cap seals and shrinkable plastic, this division was initially created to service the company’s own needs and has already been in full operation for many years. Inevitably, we offered this service to our clientele who gladly embraced the concept of all-in-one shopping.

As an additional service to our growing clientele, Treasure Island entered the world of household and kitchen appliances by putting up sister company, Kitchen Beauty Marketing (KBM). With our industry partner and distribution office in the capital city of Manila, KBM proudly carries the well-known KYOWA brand, offering a diverse assortment of rice cookers, fans and small appliances that every home and kitchen needs.

We value our people: our greatest asset. The competent men and women behind Treasure Island provide invaluable service with the integrity, respect and adaptability that all our clients deserve. Treasure Island employees enjoy continuous education through the various training programs regularly offered by the company as a means of establishing their professional growth, attaining self-fulfillment and providing opportunities to build their future. We proudly stand by the belief that “Happy Employees = Happy Customers.”

Through our headquarters in Cebu, our trusted local distributors, and our satellite offices in Davao, Cagayan de Oro and General Santos, Treasure Island gladly continues to take care of your homes and buildings, your cars, your ships and most of all, you. With your continued patronage and unparalleled trust in our products and services, we are able to give back to our community by providing economic opportunities to its citizens and developing livelihood programs where they are needed the most. As a manufacturing plant, we have also taken great strides in protecting the natural environment in communities where we operate.

We adapt. We innovate. We are passionate in our commitment to serve you. We value and uphold integrity, mutual trust and respect for others.

We are Treasure Island.