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Start Your Own Vertical Garden

how to start your own vertical garden at home

Home Decorating Tips

Start Your Own Vertical Garden

Posted on July 6, 2015

What’s a vertical garden, you ask? It’s a beautiful, new way of showing off lush greens and your shot at being a green thumb. Vertical gardens save space and may be used to divide a spacious yard, or cover unsightly views and walls. Why start a vertical garden? Because you can! Here are a few tips to guide you.

  1. First off, find or build yourself a strong frame on which you will be putting together your vertical garden. The basic structure for your vertical wall is a three-layer sandwich of frame plastic sheeting and fabric. The plastic keeps water from reaching your base wall if you choose to attach your frame to a wall inside your house. Don’t have the time? An easier alternative is to fasten your potted plants to a bare frame with bird netting.
  2. Decide on what to plant. Any container plant should do, but keep in mind the growing conditions that your wall or the location of your frame provides. A good question to ponder on in this regard is how much sunlight reaches your prospect spot.
  3. Choose your kind of soil. Your soil is everything when it comes to starting your own garden. A good kind of soil should provide water retention, drainage, and more importantly, nutrition.
  4. Plot your plants on your chosen surface. It is important to space your pots at least 13 inches from each other. Hold your pots in place using screws. Take into consideration that as your plants grow upwards, some may obstruct sunlight from reaching other plants beneath them.

When you’ve finished setting up your vertical garden, remember that continuous care is needed to keep your wall in its most green and lively state. Water your plants with drip irrigation, which is a method that allows water to effectively penetrate into the roots of your plant.

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