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Quick Facts About Water-based Paint

facts about waterbased paints

Home Decorating Tips

Quick Facts About Water-based Paint

Posted on March 17, 2018

There are two solvent categories that all paints fall into. You have the good old oil-based paint on one hand, and water-based paint on the other. Also called “latex” or “acrylic,” water-based paint uses water as the carrier of the paint’s pigment. This significant modification in paint formulation would explain the following facts about water-based paint.

Water-based paint is easier to apply, dry and clean up

In applying oil-based paint, it’s a common practice to thin the paint with white spirit. This would make the application smooth and easy. With water-based paints, all you need is a good stir and you’re good to go.

The drying time for water-based paint is significantly shorter than for oil-based paint which requires up to 48 hours, and clean up is as simple as mopping or scrubbing your surface with soap and water.

Water-based paint can be used on most surfaces at home

In its early years, water-based paints were best used for interior spaces. Because it has low odor, low Volatile Organic Compounds production and quick drying time, painters could complete two coats in a day.

Today, with improved formulations, water-based paints are also preferred for exterior surfaces for their durability in changing climates. Because of its natural resistance to alkalis, water-based paint lasts longer even on brick, stone, concrete and masonry structures.

Water-based paint is flexible and durable

Acrylic paint has a binder that makes it naturally elastic and flexible even when it dries, preventing cracks.

Water-based paint produces fewer VOCs

As it dries, oil-based paint releases VOCs  into the air. Volatile Organic Compounds are chemical additives that vaporize and emit gases harmful to the environment. They are commonly linked to health problems including kidney damage and cancer.

It’s important to know that VOCs come from mineral spirits found in oil-based paints. With water-based paints, there are fewer to no VOCs released, making it less harmful.


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