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Decorative Painting Ideas for the Kitchen

Colorful kitchen with black cupboards and table

Home Decorating Tips

Decorative Painting Ideas for the Kitchen

Posted on November 5, 2019

The Kitchen is usually where the buzz of the day starts. It’s also the “heart” of every home, as this area is where everyone gathers, whips up family dishes, and shares equally delicious stories. Hence, any sprucing up of the kitchen naturally leads to up the ante of a home’s vibe. Re-painting it gives a positive burst, a warm vibe that does the primping — minus the time-consuming labor customary for major renovations and re-constructions. But just like an ingredient to a dish, there are colors that perfectly blend in with a kitchen. If the goal is to brighten it up, create a clean look, glam it up, or make it quirky, there’s always a color to do wonders. All you need is a paint, a brush, and an inspo to get you started. Here are a few decorative painting ideas for your kitchen.

  • White Is Right
    An all-white kitchen invites lights, giving the space an airy feel.  Such trend works well for homeowners who put premium on clean, fresh, and simple spaces.  An all-white kitchen allows you to be more playful with your choice of color for countertop and other kitchen essentials.
  • Hello, Happy Yellow
    Just as sunshine brightens up one’s day, yellow too brings an infectious feel of happiness in the kitchen. It’s a happy color that stimulates the appetite, which explains why yellow is also a popular color in most food brands. The right hue of yellow also creates a brighter and bigger  illusion for the kitchen, making it ideal for small living spaces.
  • Blue To Calm You
    Believed to be a calming color, blue is a timeless shade that soothes the senses.  The lighter ones which evoke a feeling of crisp and fresh vibe, are best recommended for cabinets, walls, and ceilings. Darker blues can work, but to avoid looking too dark, it’s best to combine it with neutrals like white and gray.
  • Never Dread Red
    Intense as it is, red is a warm color that invites energy, stimulates appetite, and adds a sophisticated quirkiness to a space. It’s especially recommended for homeowners, fierce enough to experiment on pops of red that will glam up the kitchen.
  • Green Is In
    Green statement wall, green glass shelves, or a green island — all these exude a dose of freshness to a kitchen. Green’s charm is it’s both calming and invigorating as it adds a jolt of energy to any space. Apple green and mint green are the more popular shades that can go well with wood accents. Add a copper pendant light and you have gram-worthy kitchen.
  • Think Pink
    Fun, playful, and happy. If you’re after that vibe and the excitement of making your kitchen look “pretty in pink” fuels you, then yes, pink suits you well. Brighter shades of pink define glam and sass, especially when paired with streamlined, geometric pieces. Taming it a little would be subtle blushes of pink paired with gray or green backsplash.
  • Gray Is Okay
    Gray is currently getting so much spotlight in modern houses because of its subdued elegance and sophistication. It can be tricky though, as gray can either make or break any repainted area. To avoid looking flat, use soft gray for that cool and calming effect. Match it with undertones of a brighter color and finish it off with interesting kitchen accents.

Indeed, colors are made precisely for that — to add color, vibrance, and life to a space. Kitchens aren’t only cooking and dining areas. With the right vibe that colors bring about, kitchen is the life of any home and definitely one that brings color to any abode.

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