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5 Red Color Schemes for the Home

red color schemes for your home

Home Decorating Tips

5 Red Color Schemes for the Home

Posted on February 12, 2017

Who said you can’t use reds for your home? If you’ve been wanting to, you should! Before showing some samples that might just work for your living spaces, here’s a little refresher on Red and what the color is all about.

The Color Red

One of the primary colors, red is distinguished as the most exciting and challenging color there is. There’s a lot of attraction and energy to it.

The good news is that Red is no longer just for the bold. It’s become flexible enough to fit or accentuate any room in the home. It’s all in the selection of shade and how you’ll manage the color’s intensity.

If it’s to make your living spaces enticing and inviting with intrigue, red is the color you’re looking for. Now, here are a few sample color schemes with the hot color.

Nautical Red, White and Blue

Channel your inner Wes Anderson with this color scheme for the dreamy, European home. The secret is to not use the main colors of red, white and blue as solid, primary colors. Tone down one of the hues and don’t forget to add natural grays and browns.

Exotic Ruby, Coral or Aqua

Balance the warm, alluring color of ruby with a cool blue with a hint of green. Throw in some whites, grays, and decorate with dark hardwoods or bamboo. This color scheme makes you ready for impromptu parties and events.

Deep Red and Black

Paint your room deep red with blacks in your decore for a classy, gentlemen’s game room vibe. Pair this color scheme with dark wood elements, or better yet, set a small library and home office.

Red on Cold Steel Gray

Minimalism doesn’t always have to be white, black or brown. It can also be a bold red accent wall, a backdrop to stainless steel elements or pops of the modern neutral.

Red on Red

Play with the many shades of the color. Put together a shade from the orange-red side and a color from the brown corner, and what you get is an intense contrast that pulls you in.

Decided on a red color scheme for one of the rooms in your home? Great! Now, grab your tools, set them up, and get ready to start painting!

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