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Decoratex: Working with Texture Paint

Posted on December 4, 2017

After you’ve done it for a while, DIY painting can seem easy and repetitive. It’s time to put on a creative hat and you’ll find that there can be many more things to explore. Take decorative painting and using specialty paints such as Island Premium Paints’ Decoratex, for one.

Decoratex: Island Premium Paints’ Formulation for Interior Texture Coating

Simply put, textured paint is a type of decorative paint that’s formulated to produce or hold a variety of textures. Island Premium Paints’ Decoratex is one example. A water-based type coating, Decoratex renders high elasticity, reliable resistance to flaking and cracking, excellent filling and hiding, as well as good adhesion.

Decoratex is best used on interior walls and ceilings, including primed surfaces such as cement board, concrete, bricks, asbestos, wood, and metal.

The Basics of Using Texture Paint

After you’ve read about decorative painting 101, what you need to know about working with texture paint is that most such as Decoratex are supplied ready to use. This simple process of application should help:

  • Following proper surface preparation, use a textured paint roller and spread out the paint at even thickness
  • Let it set for about 5-10 minutes
  • Work on your texture by lightly rolling on your roller in one direction and with uniform pressure
  • Clean up stray strokes with water

Types of Textured Rollers

Choosing your paint and applying it correctly gets just half of the work done. Of course, you’ll have to think of what texture you’ll go for, and what tool you’ll need to achieve your desired texture.

When working with Decoratex, your main tool is a textured roller. Here are a few sample types of rollers for your guidance:

  • Sponge/Foam Paint Roller – from its name, the effect with this type of roller is one that’s similar to when you use a sponge for applying your paint—expect bubbles and dips.
  • Fabric Paint Roller – fabric paint rollers produce different types of textures based on how the fabric has been bunched and attached to the roller.
  • Stippling Paint Roller – best with thick, oil-based paint, this roller consist of firm fibers that do not bend when wet or loaded with paint.
  • Stencil Paint Roller – stencils rollers carry raised designs which can be rolled unto walls for a wallpaper effect or used a border

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