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5 Yellow Colors For Your Home

5 yellow color ideas for your house

Home Decorating Tips

5 Yellow Colors For Your Home

Posted on August 31, 2016

This rainy season, one of the best colors to bring some sunshine into your home would be the color yellow. Yellow is the lightest color in the spectrum, it is mostly associated with happiness, energy, cheerfulness, and fun. It’s fun to play around with this color especially when you want to make your home visually pop. Start by redesigning your furniture and home decorations. You can also do some wall painting inside and outside your house. Yellow, as a home color, has so many hues and tones so it’s always the color to go for when you want to have a wide selection of color varieties.

Here are 5 yellow colors that you can play around with!

  1. Eggyolk
    Eggyolk is a yellow tone that exudes a calm vibe. The brightness of the color is subtly added and what you see is a color that balances a dark and light tone. Eggyolk is an excellent choice for kitchen decorations and entryways because it welcomes anyone with a calm and positive atmosphere.


  1. Yellow Citron
    Yellow citron
    Yellow Citron is another addition to the equally balanced light and dark tone. The great thing about Yellow Citron is it’s flexible with other colors like Caraway Fruit or Skyline. The subtleness of the color is a great contrast against extremely bright colors. You can add more color combinations with Yellow Citron to add variety to your home colors.


  1. Royal Yellow
    royal yellow
    As the name implies, Royal Yellow adds a regal atmosphere when used for home decorations. Royal Yellow is best used for minimalist entryways and living rooms. Also, the color is a great addition if you want to add a touch of class in your home’s color patterns. As a standalone color, Royal Yellow is one of the best Yellow tones for interior and exterior house walls because of its excellent mix of lightness


  1. Maize
    As a color that resembles Eggyolk, Maize is the color combination to go for if you want to play around with a variety of Yellow tones. Because of its bold feature, Maize can be combined with lighter tones like Bamboo or Rotan to add a perfect contrast in decorations.


  1. Naples Yellow
    naples yellow
    Naples Yellow is leaning on a very bright yet earthy tone. Because of its muted feature, Naples Yellow can be excellently complemented with other Yellow colors. Try mixing it up with modern colors like Florets if you want to have a clean and simple vibe in your household.

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