Home Decorating Tips

5 Yellow Color Schemes for the Home

Home Decorating Tips

5 Yellow Color Schemes for the Home

Posted on August 18, 2017

Why use yellow for your home’s color scheme? Because you can! Check out these para sure color pairings and suggestions to brighten up and give your living spaces the energy boost that it needs!

The Color Yellow

Fresh, fruity, fun, sunny—there are many characteristics that you can attach to the color yellow. More than adding a chirpy and summer vibe to any space, yellow activates memory, stimulates senses, sparks creativity and pushes one to speak out his or her mind.

The wide spectrum of yellow provides flexibility that, in general, work to infuse a room with a feel-good ambiance. Controlled and pooled into the right color set, yellow allows you to be in control of the room’s mood. Check out these sample yellow color schemes.

5 Yellow Color Schemes for the Home | Island Paints

Spacious and Chill with White, Yellow and Wood

White instantly opens up space by reflecting and bouncing off light into various areas of the room. But we don’t want our spaces to look clinical and alienating. Yellow and wood work nicely as a wall paint color combination to add a touch of natural and being laidback to any room.

Island Paints colors: Dunlin Feather (White), Yellow Citron, Snail Shell (Brown)


5 Yellow Color Schemes for the Home | Island Paints

Good Mornings with Yellow, Gray and White

Yellow and white are also the colors of a good, energizing morning. It just perfectly captures how the sun tries to penetrate through your room’s blinds or thin curtains to touch your cheeks and warm you up for the day. A soft gray in the mix grounds the colors and pulls you into a fully awakened state.

Island Paints colors: Buff (Yellow), Beaver (Gray), Yogurt (White)


5 Yellow Color Schemes for the Home | Island Paints

Wild yet Tamed with Blue, Green and Yellow

Who says you can’t put loud colors together? In this vibrant wall paint color combination, yellow meets and mellows down the boldness of the blue. A meeting of colors where, surprisingly there’s still room for glass elements and the 2017 color of the year, Greenery.

Island Paints colors: Eggyolk (Yellow), Squirrel (Gray), Cobble (White)

5 Yellow Color Schemes for the Home | Island Paints

Dreaming of Yesterday with Green and Buttercream Yellow

Recall simpler times with the dreamy color combination of olive green and eggyolk yellow. Planned with the right type of wooden fixtures, any room with this color scheme will definitely channel the jolly ol’ years of the 70s.

Island Paints colors: Eggyolk (Yellow), Olive (Green)

5 Yellow Color Schemes for the Home | Island Paints

Ready to Wind Down with Dusky Yellow and Sunset Red

The hour of 5 to 6 in the afternoon is famously dubbed the magic hour for its warm and picturesque mix of hues. Mixing the colors of yellow and red allows you to imitate this enchanting time of day into your home. The best locations for this wall paint color combination would be the study, the bedroom or someplace where you usually take some time off and wind down.

Island Paints colors: Mint Cream (Yellow-orange), Imperial Red

Check out more color options or browse through a selection of home decoration projects with Para Sure tips from Island Paints!

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