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Paint Color Trends to Try for 2022

paint color trends for 2022 that are perfect for your home

Home Decorating Tips

Paint Color Trends to Try for 2022

Posted on December 9, 2021

As 2022 is around the corner, you may be thinking about ways you can start fresh and positively change your outlook for the upcoming year. And while there are many ways to do so, one very impactful change you can do would be through painting your walls with a brand new color! 

With the right shade, not only can match your space with your personal aesthetic, you can also make it feel more livable and styled in a way that motivates you to reach your new year goals.

If you’re already set on making the change, you may want to take note of paint color trends for 2022 with this quick read. This way, you’ll feel less overwhelmed at the color choices you may encounter, and pick the shade that’ll last this year and beyond.

What Are the Paint Color Trends for 2022?

A lot of experts have predicted that these interior paint colors will make a splash this 2022. Here are the top picks for trendy paint colors that can make your interiors look really good:

  1. Green: This is undeniably the color to watch for in 2022. This choice is not surprising considering that staying indoors still remains a priority for some. As such, touches of green can still remind people of trees, grass, forests, and nature as a whole. Plus, green is quite a versatile color that can be stress-relieving for some people.

    When applied on walls, it can evoke tranquility, healing, and stability, while making the space feel refreshing and calm. Moreover, green walls can pair well with items that have off-white, taupe, or black accents, and even with shades of pink in some instances. If you’re on the fence with painting your walls green, consider adding some plants (whether real or fake) into your space first, then slowly work your way.
  2. Sky blue and other blue hues: Experts have also tapped blue as a color to watch out for in the new year, especially sky blue. This particular shade can make people feel optimistic and hopeful for better days ahead. Much like green, sky blue is refreshing and relaxing as it tends to remind people of bright blue skies. It also pairs well with items that have light or whitewashed timber.

    On the other end of the spectrum, you can also count on deep blue shades for extra impact. For some people, dark blue colors can remind them of the vast ocean or the sea, and make them feel calm and peaceful.
  3. Yellow: This color is definitely a good choice for brightening, warming up, or re-energizing a space. If you’re looking to welcome 2022 with optimism and positivity, yellow can be a good choice for your walls.
    Although this color previously received a bad rep because it can feel overwhelming, sophisticated and muted shades can do the trick and make the space feel more livable.

    Just a little tip when painting your walls yellow: consider the amount of natural light your space receives and the color of your floors and other surfaces. These factors can affect how yellow will look like on your walls.
  4. Warm neutral colors: If you’re not ready to take the risk with a bold color, go for classic and calming warm neutral shades like beiges, taupes, or white.

    These colors are versatile enough to be paired with other shades that match you or your family’s style. Moreover, warm neutrals can make the space or room more functional by encouraging creativity and clarity, which can be helpful for home offices or learning spaces.
  5. Pastel shades: These are the perfect shades to try if you want something bright, but with a whimsical and airy feel. Common choices include lavender, lilac, baby pinks, mint greens, or sky blue.

    If you feel like there’s too much color going on, you can try to pair these colors with white or other neutrals for a more balanced look.
  6. Deeper shades like aubergines or plums: Willing to take a risk this 2022? You may want to try painting your walls in colors like eggplant, deep plum, or even black with a red undertone. These are good options if you want your space to feel more sophisticated and sensual, and they’re great when paired with neutral items and decor.

Choosing new paint colors for your living spaces can be fun. Just relax and keep in mind that there are no right or wrong choices. Need more input on your color options? You can also consult family and/or friends, especially if any of them are living with you, and decide on a color that suits your collective styles!

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