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Gadget Organizing Guide

Home Decorating Tips

Gadget Organizing Guide

Posted on May 11, 2015

From smartphones to laptops to digital cameras, technology has become a big part of our daily lives. These gadgets, however, can also be a source of clutter.

Chances are that every member of your family totes a gadget or two, or even more. With all these gadgets, your home is bound to be cluttered with cords and other accessories. How do you keep track of all of them?

Here are some tips to keep your gadgets organized and tangle-free:

  1. Label your cables.

This will really help especially if you’ll be using them regularly. For cables you don’t use often, store them in a zip-top plastic bag and label them accordingly. Remember, when it comes to decorating your home, the whole thing only works if it’s neat and well-kept. You wouldn’t want a mound of cables lying around ruining your decor.

  1. Store a power strip in a basket on the underside of your desk.

This way the wires from your lamp, computer, and other electronics can be hidden, but still easily reached.

  1. Assign baskets for each family member.

This helps a lot especially if your family members like to leave things on the entryway table. Assign labeled baskets for each member where they can leave their gadgets so they can easily find them.

  1. Keep old electronics in a separate box.

When you’re not using gadgets anymore, keep the item and its accessories in a box that you can put away in your laundry room or storage area. Or better yet, you can either sell them to an electronics shop or donate them to an electronics recycling organization.

  1. Use cord organizers.

Use cord organizers to keep cords from getting lost in your bag or drawer. There are different types of organizers, from “cord tacos”  to “cord donuts”, to suit your preferences.



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