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Do’s and Don’ts When Painting Old Furniture

how to repaint old furnitures

Home Decorating Tips

Do’s and Don’ts When Painting Old Furniture

Posted on February 26, 2015

Looking for a way to give your home an updated look while preserving the nostalgia of your worn out old pieces?

There are treasures in your basement that can be worth so much more with just a bit of fixing up. You don’t even have to be an expert to come up with expertly refurbished old furniture as there’s a lot of how-to’s online that can guide you in your project. All you’re going to need is some paint, a sufficient amount of patience, and the basic know-how. To guide you in one of your most exciting projects yet, here are some tips and tricks to remember when painting your furniture.

A little bit of sanding

While you may have heard that sanding is not necessary for prepping up your furniture for painting, it is actually an important step in the process. You have to sand wood for a bit to roughen up the surface without gouging it, so that the primer adheres properly.

Dealing with residue

If your wooden furniture has accumulated residue over the years, no matter what you do, do not use a paper towel on its surface. Using a paper towel could possibly damage the wood. Get yourself a tack cloth and wipe down the wooden surface to remove the residue, as it is a material that is specially designed for removing loose particles of dust, dirt and lint.

Choosing the right primer

This step is crucial in the process. There are various kinds of primers for different kinds of material. If the piece of furniture that you are working on is made of wood, use Island Wood Primer & Sealer 801 White. Prime your piece with the right tool – in this case, a mini-foam roller. After coating your furniture with the primer, let it dry. When the primer is dry, sand away hardened drips of the primer and clean it with a tack cloth.

Coating with paint

When you’re painting on properly primed wood, make sure to use semi-gloss latex or acrylic paint, like the Prima Flat 300FL White. For this particular paint, allow four hours to recoat and remember to sand hardened drips before recoating to keep the surface bump-free. Wipe with an unused tack cloth when the last coat has dried.

Sealing for protection

When your paint is dry, make sure to protect it from scratches and other environmental factors like dust by applying a thin protective coating in gloss. For this final step, use the Tex-a-Kote Gloss 2800G White as it’s suited for different kinds of materials like wood, plywood, and particle boards to name a few. Use a foam roller and don’t forget to flat out any bubbles that may form.

Let the piece of furniture sit for three days before using. Enjoy your newly-refurbished piece!

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