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Prevent Leaks with these Home Improvement Tips

Home Decorating Tips

Prevent Leaks with These Home Improvement Tips

Posted on September 13, 2016

Did you know that house leaks are one of the most damaging problems for your home’s foundation? Leaks can weaken your home’s structure leading to more serious home improvements. Leaving leaks unattended results in tremendous costs for maintenance and repairs. There are so many factors that can cost leaks, from the raging weather to high pressured pipes. However, there are preventive measures to stop leaks from destroying your home. Actually, you don’t have to be an expert to repair leaks. All it takes is some simple home improvement.

Here are some preventive measures to prevent leaks:

  1. Reduce water pressure

Reducing water pressure from your plumbing system can prevent leaks because high water pressure makes your pipes stressed. Whenever you’re taking a shower or using the hose with high water pressure, your pipe joints, faucets, and appliance valves work harder. This activity can eventually result to house leaks.  So always make sure to turn-off high water pressure whenever you’re doing house activities.


  1. Don’t use exposed pipes as hangers

Pipes may look good to hang things with but the added weight of the object will strain your pipes. Also, the weight will also bend the pipe, giving the waterway some excluded exit points—these exit points are what we call leaks. A good solution for exposed pipes is to cover them up with structures like plywood.


  1. If you already have a leak, go directly to your home’s main water shut-off valve

Your household’s main shut-off valve is the one that directs water to all parts of your plumbing system. In case you have a leak, turning off the main shut-off valve will help you find the exact location where the leak is. It also saves you the trouble of excess water flowing into your home.


  1. Replace water supply hoses

Hoses connecting to your washing machine and the gardening area can become weak and brittle over time. The brittleness can lead to holes, creating excess flooding. It’s better to have them replaced every 1-3 years especially if they are always in frequent use. You can purchase of more durable hose that’s made of flexible plastic and steel if you want your hose’s longevity to increase.


  1. Install a leak detection system

It could make a significant dent in your bank account, but leak detection systems are handy and convenient. The behavior of a leak detection system is that it monitors your entire water system. Any detection of leaks will prompt the system to shut off your water valves to prevent massive damage to your plumbing. The leak detection system is an excellent house improvement and investment when it comes to maintenance security.


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