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What Surfaces to Use Quick Dry Enamel On

painting metal with white enamel

Home Decorating Tips

What Surfaces to Use Quick Dry Enamel On

Posted on November 17, 2019

Enamel paint is just one of many terminologies in painting that will get you reaching for your phone and doing a quick search for what it is. Is it an any project type of paint that you can you on either inside or outside the house? Does enamel paint dry quickly? Or is it a specialized type that only performs well on wood or metal?  

For an overview, it’s not your usual paint and there’s actually many kinds including quick dry enamel paint! Let this short read tell you what the paint is, what’s it for and what surfaces it may be used on.

Paint Refresher: Enamel Paint

Mostly used for exterior surfaces, enamel paint can be relied on to weather the wear and tear of high traffic areas, and those exposed to harsh weather conditions or the elements. Its durable, washable finish usually comes with a glossy, polished look, that’s why it’s important to make sure your surface or work area is smoothed, even, and  leveled.  

As previously mentioned, enamel paint is not just one type but actually an umbrella for more kinds with varying levels of features and durability for different surfaces. Check out these few examples:

  • For concrete surfaces such as porches, patios and laundry areas, floor enamel is especially formulated to withstand regular stress and pressure.
  • High temperature enamel can hold out on hot surfaces such as those exposed to the engines, brakes and exhaust of a car. 
  • For getting projects done quicker than usual, quick dry enamel delivers industrial finishes that only takes minutes for drying post application. 

Best Uses for Enamel Paint

Enamel paint performs well on most surfaces! Got leftover enamel paint? These are the best areas in the house to use it on! 

  1. Bathrooms
    Thanks to its glossy finish, enamel paint comes with a waterproof perk. That’s why it’s a painter’s favorite for areas where water is a permanent fixture. For the bathroom, enamel paint may be used on tiles, the floor, counters, cabinets and other storage units.
  2. The Kitchen
    Much like in bathrooms, kitchens will always have water. But on top of that, cleanliness is a must in this part of the home. And because enamel paint can easily be wiped clean, all dust and dirt will go!
  3. Stainless Steel Appliances
    Whether it’s for adding color or protecting your stainless steel appliances from deterioration, painting enamel does the job wonderfully. Specific types of enamel paint in glossy or opaque sheens are actually formulated to minimize rusting and corrosion.
  4. Floor
    Tiles, wood panels and carpets are not your only option to beautifying your home’s floors. Enamel paint is great for customizing a look for your floors, plus it’s easier to clean too!
  5. Door Trims and Window Edges
    Using enamel paint on door trims and window edges is another good idea. A natural glossy finish projects a sleek and complete look while delivering a long-lasting, easy-to-clean coats.

Quick Tip: when using enamel paint, especially when working with gloss or semi-gloss, you can expect that brush strokes will show. So take your time and make sure all strokes are straight. Pros make a habit out of applying the paint and, while the coat is still wet, covering the small strokes with one long straight stroke. 

Colorquick: Premium Quick Dry Enamel Paint

For your enamel paint needs, turn to a premium option. Colorquick Quick Dry Enamel is a trusted choice for enamel paint with hard-wearing, weather-resistant qualities. For wood and metal, Colorquick is lead-free and comes in a wide range of vivid pre-mixed and special shade options. 

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