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4 Must-Try Two-Color Combinations for Bedroom

4 must-try two color combination bedroom walls

Home Decorating Tips

Colors for the Bedroom: 4 Must-Try Two-Color Combinations

Posted on July 12, 2021

Thinking of recoloring your bedroom anytime soon? We’ve got a list of two-color combinations you can consider trying. After all, who says you have to settle for just one?

How bedroom paint colors affect your space and mood

“You are what color you paint your room.” Well, that might not be an actual saying but, it is observed that the colors of one’s room can be very telling of its owner’s personality. Besides, wouldn’t it be great to start the day, waking up in a bedroom that just radiates individuality?

Aside from being a reflection of your personality, choosing paint colors can have significant visual effects on your room and even your mood. You may choose to match every room’s colors to your personal taste with these basic effects in mind:

  • Light colors are expansive and airy, making rooms appear brighter and larger
  • Dark colors on the other hand offer warmth, intimacy, and sophistication

But you may also opt for more hardworking room color ideas by considering the psychological values of colors, and how they would fit or complement your room’s purpose. No matter what age, culture, or background, everyone reacts to color, and the right colors can create just the right mood and behavior for each room in your home. Take these colors for example:

  • Neutrals or black, gray, white, and brown are basic and essential for palettes that try to achieve balance. When pulled off with balance, all-neutral schemes work and evoke breezy, no-nonsense, simple living.
  • Red is the most intense color in the spectrum. It ups a space’s energy level like no other and has been shown to raise blood pressure, speed respiration, and heart rate
  • Yellow evokes happy vibes as it emulates the cheerful warmth of the sun. Few studies suggest that yellow gets the mind pumped up and stimulates nerves
  • Blue is calming, relaxing, and serene.
  • Green is the refreshing quality of blue and the cheerfulness of yellow. For any room, green encourages unwinding with enough warmth for comfort and intimacy.
  • Purple gives off a dramatic and sophisticated feel.
  • Orange takes after yellow, evoking feelings of excitement and enthusiasm while boosting energy. 

Two-tone color schemes for your bedroom

One color for the whole room is always the safest bet. Then if anyone wanted to make a bold statement, the go-to move would be a painted accent wall. After all, it is an easy way to get a splash of color without the commitment of a whole-room paint job. But now we’re seeing more homeowners and designers embracing bold paint colors in bigger ways, two-tone color schemes are becoming a fast favorite in the wall treatment category.

Painting your walls with two colors creates both instant contrast and architectural interest with just a few strokes of paint. The two-tone wall gives a clean, modern way to add dimension plus the illusion of architectural details to the space. On the issue of practicality, it’s also easier to paint your walls than to install trim.

Whether you want to make your bedroom feel larger or give an unexpected splash of color, this paint technique is very easy to customize to accomplish the look you want. Plus, it’s easy to achieve the two-tone look: determine the height of your paint line, measuring from the ceiling down. Once you’ve decided on a design, tape it off with painters tape and a level, and just start painting!

Looking for two-tone wall color scheme inspiration? Here are some combinations to get the creative juices flowing:

Two-tone neutrals

Got interesting furniture you want to highlight? Going for a two-tone neutral scheme adds dimension to your space and allows the furniture and other decor items to be the main focal points. To open up the room and make the ceiling look higher, use a lighter shade on the top of the wall.

Bright and bold + White

Two-tone color schemes allow you to use a bright, bold color on your wall without it being loud or overwhelming. Apprehensive about painting an entire wall lime green or orange? With this pairing, now you can! You can even split the wall anywhere you like and get a completely different feel either way.

Calming blues + greens

Rest and sleep are associated with the colors blue and green. Some studies have even found that colors in the cool section of the color wheel produce calming chemicals in the body. Aside from tranquil and peace as effects, Mother Nature’s palette is also known to improve focus and efficiency.

Dramatic warms + neutrals

Reds, yellows, and oranges can be a little much, plus these energetic colors are not always the first choice for a place you want to relax in. But tempered with a neutral color, you can break the intensity of a warm shade. 
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