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8 Home Gym Design Ideas That Can Work Out for You

Exercise ball, yoga mats, sneakers, and elliptical machine in home gym

Home Decorating Tips

8 Home Gym Design Ideas That Can Work Out for You

Posted on April 18, 2024

Is being more physically active one of your main goals for the new year? If you answered yes, you may have considered looking for exercises that can help you lose weight or build muscle or started searching for gyms nearby.

However, if you have the budget and the space for it, why not figure out how to set up a home gym? Take some time to discover home gym design inspiration you can replicate for your home.

Check Out These Home Gym Ideas

  1. Add suspended mirrors.
    Exercise equipment in home gym in front of mirror

    When working out, experts have always highlighted that you should check your form to ensure you do the exercise correctly and avoid injuries. But what if you are working out alone? This is where a mirror can help you. Installing mirrors also gives the illusion of a bigger and wider space.

    For a home gym, consider installing suspended mirrors on the wall. Propping up a mirror can be dangerous, because any sudden heavy moments can increase the risk of it falling and possibly injuring you.

  2. Add color to your walls.
    Bright blue exercise equipment in front of red wall

    A lot of times, your surroundings can influence your mood. And this is true if you have a home gym that is painted a bright hue! Paint your home gym’s walls an energizing color so your motivation doubles and you feel more encouraged to work out.

  3. Take the neutral route if you want.
    Woman working out in front of TV in home gym with white walls

    Not a fan of brights? No problem! Some interior design experts also recommend painting your home gym’s walls a neutral color. This is a good choice if you want a space that can help you focus more on yourself (minus the distractions provided by bright colors) and a soothing environment so you are able to exercise more fluidly.

  4. Set up a home gym near an outdoor area.
    Exercise equipment in home gym with outdoor access

    If you have enough space, try to set up your home gym near an outdoor area or even provide it with access to the outdoors. Doing so can allow natural light to enter your home gym, providing your body with that extra dose of vitamin D and energy for your workout. Plus, exercising outdoors provides fresh air and a change of scenery, enhancing your overall workout experience.

  5. Lock in natural light.
    Home gym equipment under skylight

    Lacking outdoor space? Don’t worry! If there is an empty space near a window or your space has a skylight, consider setting up your home gym in this spot. This way, you are still able to receive natural light and vitamin D, reduce the needs for electricity during the day, and fuel your workout better!

  6. Get creative with storage solutions.
    Exercise equipment organized on peg board

    A cluttered home gym can be a distraction for some people and lessen their motivation to exercise. With that in mind, eliminate the hassle of cleaning up and organizing things after a workout with stylish, multipurpose storage solutions.

    Try installing a pegboard that can hold and support equipment such as weights (provided that the material can withstand them), resistance bands, and more. Heavy-duty plastic boxes can also be a good choice.

  7. Add accents or decorations that inspire.
    Light box with 'Inhale Exhale' quote

    Need an extra push before doing your workout? Feel free to decorate your home gym with motivational items. A light box in the photo above is one example, but you can also paint your favorite fitness-related slogan onto the walls, or stick posters and wall art with motivational quotes.

    You can even take it to the next level by hanging framed jerseys of your favorite sports teams or athletes, or photos of your fitness inspiration for added motivation.

  8. Put in partitions if needed.
    Exercise equipment beside a partition wall

    If you will set up a home gym on the same floor as another room, consider adding partitions! This can help condition your mind that this is a workout area for your exercise-related needs. Partitions do not have to be as big as the wall in the image above. In fact, you can simply use a divider and put it around your gym equipment or space.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Home Gym?

Learning how to build your own home gym comes with multiple benefits, so this space dedicated to working out in your home will definitely be worth the effort! Some advantages linked to setting up a home gym include:

  1. Reduced need to pay for a gym membership
  2. Flexibility to do a home workout routine anytime and anywhere without rushing to the gym before it closes
  3. Freedom to decorate and arrange your space with your fitness goals and needs in mind
  4. Liberty to maximize even the smallest of spaces and turn it into a home gym you are proud of
  5. Liberty to maximize even a small space and turn it into a home gym

Remember These Tips Before Starting Your Home Gym

Now that you have checked out some home gym design ideas, here are a few other reminders you should consider before you start working on a stylish home gym:

  1. Always consider the remaining space in your home, your budget, and your fitness goals before building a home gym.
  2. Make sure the exercise equipment you choose will align with your fitness goals and desired exercises. You can do a bit of research online on the best workouts suited for your current fitness level or ask for the help of a trainer.
  3. Use rubber floors to your advantage. This textured surface offers non-slip capabilities that can help you perform floor exercises and bodyweight exercises safely. Rubber floors can help lower the risk of slips and falls. It is also shock-resistant, absorbing the impact that may occur when you drop heavy weights onto the floor or put the pedal to the medal on cardio machines.
  4. Use paints low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like Island Life paint. VOCs are chemicals that can build up in a room and lead to health issues like headaches and nausea if inhaled excessively. Island Life paint is a high-quality, low-odor, and antimicrobial water-based paint that is made with a premium acrylic dispersion. It also contains an additive that can help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in your home gym’s space.
  5. Wear proper safety gear when painting or making renovations to your home gym. If you will be using paint or substances when sprucing up your space, always wear face masks, goggles, and gloves to ensure your skin stays protected against these and reduce the risk of accidents. Thoroughly read the product information sheet as well and take note of storage and disposal guidelines.

Setting up a home gym can definitely take some time and effort, but it is a worthwhile investment that can help you hit two birds with one stone! Even if you may be working in a small workout space, a home gym can definitely help improve your fitness routine and provide you with a convenient workout solution.

With Island Premium Paints, you can turn your dreams of a simple home gym into a reality! For more tips on how to choose the ideal materials for this space in your home and how to maximize your own home gym, check out these tips from Island Paints that can help you get started!


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