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Home Decorating Tips

Design to Dazzle: Wall Painting Designs for the Holiday Season

Posted on January 4, 2019

The holiday season is no time for your abode to be humble, especially if you’re planning to host get-togethers and gatherings. Up your home’s holiday aesthetic with these wall painting designs and tips!

Paint a Festive Accent Wall

Relax, paint projects for the holiday season does not automatically mean fully repainting rooms and interior spaces. Adding a festive accent wall in your kitchen, bathroom or living room should do wonders.

Find a complementary color to your room’s color scheme to give it the holiday feel you’re aiming for. And don’t limit your color choices to the usual red, white and green. Explore options and pairings with guides such as this color guide for celebrations.

Give Your Cabinets a Splash of Color

Alternatively, if painting walls or putting up accent walls are too tasking, coloring cabinets with your festive color of choice gives you a chance of achieving holiday glam.

Work in with Textures in Your Walls

Adding depth and mood to your space, textures never fail to capture attention. While you are in the middle of planning your wall painting design for the holidays, consider working in textures using a high-performance paint such as Tex-a-Kote. Have fun and experiment with techniques such as rag rolling, stippling, marbling, sponging and more.


Collaborate on a Mural

If you and members of the household are on the creative side, and have time to spare, a Christmas mural should be a good home project to collaborate on. Decide on a design theme and schedule a painting session for everyone. A wall painting design for everyone to see, a Christmas mural would be perfect in a busy space such as the kitchen or living room.

Plant Your Christmas Tree on a Vertical Garden

A vertical garden is not only a trendy, creative new way of putting up a Christmas tree, it’s a neat space saver! First, paint your wall with a bold color that complements your current space, then work on putting up your vertical garden. For the Christmas elements, dress your garden up with Christmas tree decors and trinkets. Christmas balls, fairy lights and red ribbons are sure ways to give your vertical garden that holiday vibe.

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