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For the Home: 2017 Color of the Year

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Home Decorating Tips

For the Home: 2017 Color of the Year

Posted on January 17, 2017

Design trends that come out every year are heavily researched and deliberated before they are announced. For 2017, designers agreed in the direction that the world is craving for reassurance and reconnection with nature. That’s why it only fits that the 2017 color of the year is Greenery.

And as a short introduction to the shade of the year, here are some quick facts:

Return to Nature

Today’s world depends on technology for the development and the improvement of life, that designers all over the world saw the need to balance the stark, progress-driven craving with a shade that champions the return to nature.

Pantone 15-0343

Greenery is a fresh, zesty yellow-green, picked right out of nature just as spring sets in. It’s Mother Earth’s color of revival, restoration and rebirth.

Fresh Beginnings

Being nature’s color of renewal, Greenery evokes a sense of calm and unwinding. It calls for fresh beginnings, making healthier choices and sticking to nature’s produce and what’s real.

Desired Behavior

Greenery is that shade of yellow-green that aims to slow down, for individuals to breathe and live in the now, rather than being lost and worried about the future. With greenery, the objective is to take a break, to look away from the screen and to disconnect from technology.

Energy and Optimism

But Greenery also has the right amount of yellow for vibrance, confidence and positivity. After years of immersing shades of grays, whites and default earthy neutrals, greenery is a refresher of sorts which pairs with neutrals, pastels, deep shades, and fits well into any color scheme.

Using Greenery for the Home

Being a shade of nature, greenery naturally works well in rooms where the sun hits or enters. It’s also best for rooms of activity, such as the living room, home office, a library or reading room, and the like.

Green, and any shade under it, is extremely flexible. It can be your base color for a room, paired with another color or it can also work as your accent color.

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