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Quick Interior Painting Tips

interior paint tips for beginners

Home Decorating Tips

Quick Interior Painting Tips

Posted on June 29, 2015

Thinking about giving a space in your house a significant overhaul but you’re worried about breaking the bank? Consider repainting! A quick interior paint won’t only give any part of your home a completely new look, it’s also less expensive than renovating.

While many homeowners will opt to hire a professional to do the job, interior painting is actually one of the most efficient DIY projects. It may pose certain challenges, but if you know what you’re doing, you can have lots of fun! Get started on your interior painting project with these quick tips!

Be organized and plan everything out.

The number one difficulty you’ll be facing when it comes to painting, or any other DIY project for that matter, is most likely caused by a messy process. Avoid frustration and confusion by organizing everything from your schedules to the tools and products you’re going to use.

When planning, don’t forget to consider weather forecasts, your budget, the tools you have at home and the tools you still need to buy. If you’re still in doubt, do all the research you need!

Use a primer.

Most people skip the primer and directly paint on their walls. This is not an advisable step to take. A primer can enhance the quality and color of your paint as well as prevent stains and bleeding. When you use a primer like the Island Check Primer, you’re actually making your paint more durable and long-lasting. Check out this link to know more about the Island Check Primer.


Invest In tools.

There’s nothing like having your own tools ready once the need presents itself. If you think you’ll be doing DIY projects in your home no matter how big or small, it’s wise to invest in some quality tools like brushes, rollers and paint buckets.

Cover floors with a canvas drop.

Instead of using newspapers or plastic as a cover for your walls’ protection, use a canvas drop. This is a more efficient way, since you would not have to tape it to the ground for it to stay put.

Clean the surface you’re going to paint.

Before your first coat of paint, make sure the surface is clean. Otherwise, the dirt and dust that are stuck on your walls will show. If your walls have dents or holes, make sure you fill them in before painting to ensure a smooth and flat surface.

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