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Exterior Paint Ideas: 5 Bold Color Choices That Work

5 exterior house color ideas

Home Decorating Tips

Exterior Paint Ideas: 5 Bold Color Choices That Work

Posted on July 8, 2021

While using neutral colors for a house exterior is the norm here in the Philippines, that shouldn’t stop you from considering other color options. To help you get inspired, check out these vibrant choices, along with tips on choosing colors for the exterior of your home.  

Why Go Bold with Your Colors for House Exterior? 

There are two ways to go about choosing colors for your house exterior. Go with the safe and common colors of neutral beige, pinks, and yellows, or go bold with the stronger, unusual colors on the spectrum. Why go bold? The real question is ‘why not?’. Consider these points:

Leveled-up Curb Appeal

Do you want your house to blend in with the whole block, or do you want it to stand out? Even if it’s not to stand out, don’t you wish your home showed a little more personality? Exploring colors — bolder, uncommon options, while we’re at it — could do just that for you. And the good news is that, structurally, you won’t have to change a thing! Just a splash of a new, fitting color dramatically changes how your house will look.

If Not Now, When?

Repainting your home’s exterior reinforces it against various structure-weakening elements, and experts say that you’ll need to repaint every 5 to 10 years. On top of this, giving your whole house’s exterior a new durable finish takes a lot of work. So if you’re planning to repaint your house exterior soon, and you find yourself dwelling on the thought of exploring other colors, what’s stopping you?

Considerations for Choosing House Exterior Colors

Choosing colors for the exterior of your home can be fun, but also stressful. While it’s simply about picking colors, it involves more than just that. Take these considerations for example: 

Pick Colors that Suit Your House’s Architectural Style

In picking paint colors for your home, always remember that the best colors are those that highlight or bring out the best features of your home. That’s why architectural style or how your house is designed is an important factor to consider. When carefully planned, colors can also hide design flaws while boosting your curb appeal. 

Put Together a Scheme of Colors that Complement Each Other

Coming up with your own color scheme? Keep in mind that an exterior paint scheme involves three or four colors. These are for the wall, trim, door, and accents. Because you want to have a house that shows off a cohesive look, it’s a must that your colors complement each other. 

Don’t Forget to Factor in the Roof

Unless you plan to include it in your repainting project, your roof will have its color and it should be factored in when thinking of new house exterior colors.

Bold Color Choices for Your Home’s Exterior Surfaces

To help you find inspiration for your big painting project, check out these sample bold colors for your home’s exterior.

Perfect White

While widely considered a classic, white can be bold depending on how you apply it to the design of your home. Crisp white can appear too clinical, but with the right supporting colors, it can come across as chic. Play your color scheme up with contrast, using black for the trim work and a pop of bright or vibrant red for accents. 


Over the recent years in interior and industrial design, the color gray has earned a reputation associated with modern design. What’s good about it is that it’s also neutral, therefore, having flexibility in terms of the ambiance it gives off. Go with light gray and you get elegance; go with the darker shades and you get sophistication.

Again, a color scheme is more than just one color. You’ll find that mixing gray with a little blue makes the vibe feel whimsical while mixing gray with green gives off an earthy, confident look.

Mustard Yellow 

We’re not talking cream or pale yellow. Mustard yellow is a stronger, more vibrant alternative if you want to stick with yellow for your home. Go for a full warm color palette by mixing the color with browns, touches of orange, and a neutral white or black.


A color fit for a house in a tropical country such as ours, turquoise is a beautiful blue-green shade that reminds you of the clear waters of Boracay or Palawan. When working with such a unique color, remember to plan your colors into your home’s design carefully and to keep your things balanced with neutral colors.

Navy Blue

On the deeper, stronger end of the blue spectrum, navy blue could be a bold color that’s not too intimidating to try for your home’s exterior. Think about it: a dark blue exterior paired with the warm glow of lights from within the house. Who wouldn’t want to come home to such a pleasant sight?

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