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Tropical Country Hacks: Painting in Rainy Weather

Home Decorating Tips

Tropical Country Hacks: Painting in Rainy Weather

Posted on December 7, 2015

Even with the holiday season fast approaching, rain is still a normal occurrence in tropical countries. Painting one’s home with Christmas themes can be quite the test when a damp weather breezes over. With Mother Nature at your mercy and making the environment a challenge to paint in, being extra vigilant in decorating your house is a must.

Prevent those raindrops from disturbing your deck the hall vibes with these useful tips.


Wait It Out

Look, painting your house’s exterior while shielded with a big umbrella is not really the brightest of ideas. With the constant downpour, expect that your freshly rolled paint will trickle down in an instant, creating a horrible mess of a design. One solution from keeping rain moisture out is by draping the area with a covering like plastic. However, placing one big plastic bag over your abode can equate to extravagant and unnecessary spending.  Also, for purposes of practicality, it’s better to schedule your Christmas activities in order to lessen the bills on all those paint purchases.


Paint the Inside of Your Home First 

Even with your house’s interior, painting can be tricky especially if the environment is damp. Problems can arise like blistering and peeling if the temperature is fluctuating. Make sure to plan ahead and to have a proper technique before spreading those Christmas colors. Check the weather in order to determine how to effectively and efficiently paint your house. Have a separate wall or object to practice painting on before applying it to the real thing.


Covering Up the Area 

Let’s say one minute you were casually painting your house when suddenly the weather turns bad on you. The ideal solution for this scenario is to scan your entire work area. If you start off in a panic, it will only raise your chance of missing out on specific details of the place. Prioritize on those areas that are in risk of being rained-off then quickly apply a plastic cover to keep moisture out. If the paint job does run-down, keep calm since it’s best to wait it out. But make sure to wipe off all those run-downs before it dries in order to have an easier time cleaning.


Check the Temperature

The ideal temperature for painting is usually at sixty to eighty degrees. Different surface temperatures can affect your paint so it’s important to separate the method of painting your house’s exterior and interior. For example, painting in a very hot temperature can cause the paint to dry quickly, therefore, losing the adhesion in the long run.


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