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The Makings of a Good Garage Floor Coating

garage floor coating tips

Home Decorating Tips

The Makings of a Good Garage Floor Coating

Posted on February 10, 2021

When we think of home makeovers, the last place we consider is the garage, least of all the garage floor. But getting a new garage floor coating is just one of the few ways you can give this space an upgrade and there are several good reasons why.

Garage floor coating: why should I do it?

While not the most high-traffic part of the home, the garage serves many purposes aside from being a place to park your car. Often it serves as a storage space and a work area for tasks or hobbies that are too messy for indoors. 

Aside from that, garage floors actually deal with a lot of abuse, from dripping oil to hot tires to dirt and sawdust. After a few years, even the most pristine concrete garage floor can look like a mess. 

There are plenty of reasons to coat your garage floor. The first and most obvious being aesthetics but aside from that, it also provides great protection. Other reasons why you should consider making this your next home improvement project include:

  • Durability against impact, chemicals, and surface abrasions
  • Coated floors are easier to clean and maintain
  • Helps make the whole garage look cleaner and more put together
  • Helps cover flaws and cracks in concrete
  • Better resale value, as a coated floor may be more attractive to a buyer
  • Can make the space look brighter and more premium, especially if using a lighter color

Painting your garage floor: how to get started


Paint projects can be messy and even a little dangerous, so it’s always best to put safety first. Be sure to have work gloves and work boots, as well as safety glasses and a dust mask to protect yourself from mess, among other things.

Tools and equipment

It also helps to organize your tools and gear so everything is within reach and you don’t have to stop every now and then to look for what you need.

  • Squeegee
  • Scrub brush
  • Plastic watering can
  • Stiff-bristle broom
  • Scraper
  • Concrete floor sander
  • Rags or paper towels
  • Hose and/or pressure washer
  • Respirator for chemical application
  • Garage Paint 
  • Acid etch 
  • Floor texture
  • Degreaser, if necessary
  • Concrete patch material, if necessary
  • Paint solvent, if necessary


Some things you need to do before you get started:

  • Remove storage, garbage, debris, and anything else that impedes access to the floor.
  • Clean the floor, putting extra focus on spots with stains. 
  • Check for moisture, old paint, sealant, and damaged concrete.
  • Check the forecast. Some paints apply better at certain temperatures and using materials outside of these temperatures can ruin the outcome.

Painting the garage floor

1. Applying the etch

  • After prep work, mix the concrete etch in a plastic container. 
  • After wetting the floor, evenly apply the etch in 10 ft x 10 ft areas at a time. This makes the concrete more porous.
  • Scrub the floor with the etch, then rinse before moving to the next square.
  • Repeat until done and allow to dry overnight.

2. Apply paint or epoxy

  • Apply tape to anything you don’t want the paint to touch.
  • Mix the hardener/activator into the base/resin. 
  • Use a precision brush to apply the epoxy into corners and hard to reach spaces.
  • Paint small areas at a time, such as 4×4 ft spaces at a time.
  • Repeat until the floor is fully painted.

3. Drying

  • Take note of the drying time before doing any activity in your newly-painted garage. Wait for 16 hours for light foot traffic, 48 hours for heavy items, and 72 hours for a vehicle.

Painting with Island Paints Epoxy Floor Coating

Looking to start on this particular project? Consider using Island Paints Epoxy Floor Coating. It is a two-pack system based on epoxy- modified amine adduct hardener designed as a finish coat for concrete floors.

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