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Simple Color Schemes with Independent Colors

5 independent colors you can enjoy for your home

Home Decorating Tips

Simple Color Schemes with Independent Colors

Posted on June 2, 2016

In planning a new color scheme, you usually come up with two or three complementary colors. It doesn’t always have to be so. Know that there are paint colors you can use for your home that are great even without the help of other color tones. These shades create a vibe for the space they’re designated to, with or without a complementary shade.

Should you choose to go simple on your next project, here are 5 Island Premium Paints independent colors to choose from.

  1. Fame Orange
    fame orange

    Fame Orange is a great balance between pink and orange. It imbibes a regal and youthful glow to any space it’s painted on.
    Places to try this independent color on: living room, bedroom
  1. Celeste

    Celeste leans more on light blue, almost as if color-picked from a cool and breezy sky. Because of it’s calming and relaxing effect, this one’s definitely for the areas of your home where you try to unwind, take things slow, and just ready to set the mind free to imagine.
    Places to try this independent color on: library, study, bedroom

Living Room

  1. Pumpkin

    Pumpkin is a very raw and rustic color, great for areas where you want to go natural. Even though Pumpkin is an independent color, subtle colors like Princeton Orange or Persimmon are great hues that are sure to add variety.
    Places to try this independent color on: kitchen, dining room, patio
  1. Thunderhead

    Thunderhead resonates power in clean spaces, and would stand out as an accent in a concrete-crowded space.
    Places to try this independent color on: kitchen, bathroom, garage
  1. Firebrick
    Firebrick is a color for drama. It is bold, confident, yet also endearing at the same time. The richness of its red sets up a comfy and cozy–if not romantic–tone, which makes it perfect for areas of intimate moments.
    Places to try this independent on: bedroom, bathroom

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