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Best Interior Coating for Minimalist Lovers

Home Decorating Tips

Best Interior Coating for Minimalist Lovers

Posted on December 3, 2015

Simplicity is beauty, a phrase often heard from those leaning towards a more minimalist environment. Minimalists love tidiness; they choose clean lines rather than those that blow up. Less is definitely more, as they say. These simplicity lovers have the ability to place a few design elements as possible and create a maximum effect. Typically, black and white are their best bets when choosing an interior color for their homes, but other choices can be added if creatively placed. Whether it be one or multiple colors, designing your home with a minimalist approach can be very fun.

Become as simple as you can be with these best interior coating tips for minimal enthusiasts.


Black and White

The most famous of them all, black and white is a combo that immediately comes to mind when thinking of minimalist interior paint ideas. This combination is the most effective interior coating for minimalist lovers. It is simplicity in its purest form, with the expression to make any decorated room speak for itself. Clean and blank, this combination can make an impact like no other. It can make an interior design become a visual masterpiece without the problem of adding more elements.  For those looking more into this combination, adding more colors is a great addition. To keep it in line with the minimalist theme of your original interior paint idea, make sure to place the touches of color as subtle as possible.


For more classic interior paint ideas, you can never go wrong with the power of wood tones in your home. If used creatively, these colors give ocular value to everything that surrounds them. Brown colors are associated with stability, foundation, and strength when it comes to interior coatings, so clean and simple color palettes are an ideal combination. From furniture to interior walls, wooden tones can not only give that homey feel, but can also provide a nice relaxing view of your humble abode. Added with a black and white approach, these colors are a nice consideration for your interior paint ideas. can really pop out with little disturbance on visual strains.

Pastel Colors

These colors are popular choices for interior paint ideas, as they truly define a classy look for any interior space they are used in. Ranging from lavender, baby blue, pink, and a whole array of other colors, pastels are perfect for anyone looking to have that mid-century modern look in their homes. Minimalists love pastels; these colors are clean and simple without the risk of being too loud. Mixing pastel colors in one’s home can be both fun and challenging. Placing the right tones to every white space can make all the more difference to the style of the interior. Remember, light colors— with all its monotonous combinations— can still have the power to create a heavy impact.


This color is the so-called middle man of the black and white combination. It has a surprisingly wide range of shades that fit with many color combinations that can coordinate with your various interior paint ideas. With its neutral value, grey can easily be mixed with different black and white spaces to add more depth. Grey is definitely a great add-on for those looking to have some underlying subtle design in their interior coatings.

Bright Colors

When used properly, bright colors are also a great addition for any minimalist out there looking for interior paint ideas. It is important to take note that these bright colors must only be used to singular objects, and that it must be creatively added to a minimum. Interior walls are not included in this combination as to lessen the risk of being overly blown-up. Bright stand-out pieces like furniture are greatly associated with these colors, as to cleverly make the interior blankness of one’s home come to life.
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