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For Your Inspo: Concrete Wall Paint Designs

concrete wall paint designs

Home Decorating Tips

For Your Inspo: Concrete Wall Paint Designs

Posted on October 27, 2019

Think concrete is basic? Home and interior designers from around the world are saying otherwise. Read on for how using concrete walls for beautifying living spaces work, with tips and ideas for painting and designing!

Painted or Not: Why Concrete Wall Works

Concrete walls, painted or bare, bring a subtle yet sophisticated edge to any space. In recent years, interior designs with concrete walls have been gaining fame. And that may be because of the novelty of using something that’s rough and raw in actual for an elegant and classy effect. Here’s more on why concrete works. 

Concrete is stylishly flexible

Consisting mostly of neutral hues and various textures, industrial interior design became huge for office setups, and soon residential spaces. When you look up search terms such as ‘concrete wall interiors’, you’ll notice how similar the looks are with that of industrial-themed interiors. It’s no question that concrete goes hand in hand with industrial interior design. Both are simple, neutral and flexible — ready canvasses for infusing pops of your personal style or what’s trending.

Concrete walls and surfaces are easy to maintain

Concrete is practical, largely due to the fact that it’s easy to maintain. Bulk of the work actually takes place in application, where the material will have to be properly prepped, painted or stained, sealed and polished. For maintenance? Simply sweep of dirt and clean with non-abrasive cleaning materials!

Concrete adds visual interest with texture

Plain, solid-colored walls can be boring. Because of its natural gritty texture, concrete has a tendency to draw eyes in, ground the space and add visual weight to any room. It’s a natural focal point! In fact, some consider using concrete for an accent wall.

Concrete Tips for Dressing Up Concrete

In addition to bare concrete as a great option for adding visual interest to spaces, there are many things that you can do to play up the aesthetics aspect. Consider these concrete wall paint and design tips: 

Play with Shapes & Patterns

The material has a little weight to it and molding may be a little difficult. But if you have the time and have a hunger for a fulfilling dose of creativity, why not play with patterns and shapes on your concrete wall? In the sample photo, the brick impressions add to the material’s natural grit, resulting in a nice combo of smooth geometry and ruggedness.

Experiment with Brush Strokes

Give off an illusion of intentional unevenness with a brushed look to your concrete. There’s a variety of decorative strokes and processes to experiment with, just make sure you get the right consistency and method of application for your desired effect.

Pair with Nature

Concrete isn’t always dim and stiff. The sample photo above shows a beautiful, comfy balance of modern grit and nature with sunlight spilling in, wooden fixtures and a careful distribution of real greens. 

Add Contrast & Color 

Concrete wall positioned side by side with a clean, solid wall creates a contrast that intensifies the former’s texture. In addition, you may also add vibrance to your concrete with colorful placements in the area or on the wall itself–just make sure to use specialized decorative and protective paint for concrete walls.

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