Home Decorating Tips

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Room Look Bigger

Home Decorating Tips

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Room Look Bigger

Posted on April 7, 2017

Not everyone is blessed with a house of enormous, ready-to-dress up rooms. But there’s definitely a hack or two that you can do about that! Try out these doable tricks to visually widen rooms and spaces.

1. Open up Windows

Fact: natural light opens up space and adds depth to a small area. So open up those windows and let the glorious day light spill in.

2. Curtain Call

If your room is directed to where the sun hits, you may reduce the heat and choose to cover it up with thin or sheer drapes. Make your curtains add to your mission by hanging them high and letting them fall to the floor. This way, the ceiling should look higher than it really is.

3. Reflective Surfaces

Further distribute light that enters your room with reflective surfaces! Position your mirrors, as well as glass tables and other see-through furniture in areas that would allow it to catch and bounce light around the room.

4. Go Graphic

Trick the eyes by incorporating patterns and prints into your room design. Horizontal stripes would lengthen your room while vertical stripes would make it look taller.

Prints are welcome, as well. Stick to large prints though, as small to tiny prints would only appear as clutter.

5. De-clutter

Resist cramming tiny trinkets on one surface! The first step to de-cluttering a space is to sort through your items, decide on what to keep out and what to hide away.

6. Furniture Fix

Bulky pieces of furniture with hard corners are definitely a no-no. Instead, go for space-saving rounded pieces. A round rug rather than a coffee table welcomes more space and a good flow in your small room by creating a connection between the furniture pieces, and at the same time highlighting the spaces in between these objects.

7. Use Light and Pale Colors

Requiring a little more time and effort is to revamp your space with a pale color scheme. Light, bright and neutral shades should expand your space visually by functioning as reflectors, maximizing the effects of natural light in the area.

But don’t just splash your home spaces with bright tones, plan out your color scheme. Create harmony and balance by making sure that there’s low contrast between surfaces. Ideally, the colors of your walls, trim and detailing should be in the same tonal family.

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