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10 home zen colors for a relaxing home

Home Decorating Tips

10 Zen Colors to Have for Your Home

Posted on July 20, 2016

With the month of July already starting, things are going to get crazy with all the activities that will take place. Busy events like festivals, school enrollment, and national holidays are expected to happen. So with the crazy ruckus just around the corner, you need to have a good complement to go with it. One of the best complements with having a busy schedule is a cool and calming home. Having serene paint colors around the house can help replenish the stressed spirit. You’ll definitely conquer July with a cool and calm space.

Here are 10 calm paint colors for a Zen-type home:

  1. Buff
    Buff is a subtle paint color that’s helpful if you want your house to have a very simple scene. Try mixing it up with one strong color like Brown or Charmoisse to add contrast to your house.


  1. Maize
    Maize is the color to go for if you want to have a yellow take inside your household. The good thing about having this color is that it’s not very loud. It’s perfect if you just want a very peaceful and light tone.


  1. Pistachio
    Pistachio is a very organic color that brings calmness to the concept of the color green. You can add extra tones to it like Lemongrass or Aqua green to have more variety in your home.


  1. Dawnbreak
    As the color name implies, Dawnbreak is a color that welcomes tomorrow with a very cool vibe. Dawnbreak can also be equated to the different colors of the sky making it very cool and welcoming to your household atmosphere.


  1. Charisma
    Charisma is a regal color that’s very subtle. If you want to have a royal tone without too much of the attention or the flash, Charisma is the paint color for you. You can mix it up with other minimal colors like Buff to create your ideal space.


  1. Milky Opal
    milky opal
    Milky Opal is a subtle color that leans on the concept of blue. It’s not as strong as the other color tones of blue, yet its simplicity is enough to introduce a very cool look to your home.


  1. Apricot Flower
    apricot flower
    The rosy vibe of the Apricot Flower is enough to make you feel calm after a very hectic schedule. As a standalone color, Apricot Flower is the perfect go-to paint color if you want to have that sweet and caressing color. It’s truly welcoming after a hard day’s work.


  1. Light Goldrenrod
    light goldenrod
    Light Goldenrod is a color that brims with lightness. You can mix it up with dark colors like Taupe to have a very contrasting vibe in your home. Also, even though you can mix Light Goldenrod with other colors, the house vibe will still be calm because of its subtle tone.


  1. Chalk White
    chalk white
    few colors are powerful enough to bring out peacefulness in the loudest and most hectic of days. Chalk White is one of the few colors that are very clean and calm in a visual sense.


  1. David’s Heart
    david heart
    David’s Heart is a color that can be gladly mixed in with other subtle colors. As a color that is both regal and cool, it’s a dynamic combination when added in the household.

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