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Tips for Decorating Large Windows

ways to decorate large windows

Home Decorating Tips

Tips for Decorating Large Windows

Posted on April 28, 2015

Having large windows is one of the best ways to make your home feel all the more refreshing especially if you have a scenic view. It gives your living room an illusion of space, and can even make your whole house feel grand. In spite of these advantages, big windows also create a totally new decorating difficulty. How will you decorate a window that’s too big? What kind of treatments should you use and which ones should you avoid?

It’s all about serving your purpose and knowing what to do about it. Here are some pro-tips for decorating those large windows:

Keep your curtains tall and vibrant.

If the architecture of your house allows for windows that stretch as far as the second story, it’s time to get creative. For these windows, you’re going to need long curtains. Hang the curtains from the ceiling and use a decorative rod that can help expose your glass windows. Since your curtain is already enormous, there should be no holding back. Pick a fabric that is vibrant and rich in classy design. Make sure that it complements a sofa or a rug.

Hide an ugly view with film.

Say your window doesn’t really frame the best view of them all. What do you do? Cover it up with a film. Vinyl film can filter light and definitely hide the atrocious view from plain sight. It works the same way wallpaper works and is even available in a selection of designs and colors. Just make sure it goes well with your decor to prevent your house from looking cheeky.

Risk it and keep them bare.

This one is definitely a risk but if done correctly, it’s definitely worth it. If you have window frames that already look elegant like wood painted white with beautiful carvings and a scenic view to match it, there’s really no need to cover it all up. All you have to figure out now is how natural light will enter your room at different times of the day. Otherwise, indulge at the openness of your room!

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