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DIY Wall Painting Design Ideas & Guide

diy wall painting ideas and guide

Home Decorating Tips

DIY Wall Painting Design Ideas & Guide

Posted on October 24, 2019

Getting bored of plain painted walls? Spruce up your home with unique wall painting designs! Don’t know where to start? Island Premium Paints has some Para Sure tips for your DIY fancies!

Wall Painting Design Tips

DIY is not so hard! Here’s how you can paint your own wall designs to your heart’s content:

  • Inspiration is Everywhere: Look for pegs and inspiration: there are a lot of interior design magazines, and the internet is a wealth of source materials for your DIY project!
  • Color Me Interesting: Pick the colors you want to use on the room based on what kind of vibe you want the room to project. Consult the color wheel to help you choose which colors complement each other. You can also try putting color swatches of your chosen paint against the wall, or doing the wall painting design you are planning to use with your paint choices on paper first before fully committing it to your wall.
  • A Lot of Shade: Sticking to one color can still be fun! Play with different shades of the same color family. You’ll be surprised how simple wall painting designs can be unique while playing with different shades.
  • No Shame in Stencils: Not everyone is particularly gifted in freehanding murals or painting patterns on their walls. There are several wall stencils available for sale, o you can also DIY your own wall stencils.
  • Words on… A Wall? Posters featuring famous quotes and fancy typography are popular focal design points. Why not apply the same painting design on your walls? Bold text against simple backgrounds is an instant conversation starter.
  • Paint Between the Lines: Want to alternate paint colors for striped walls? Use painter’s tape to section off parts of your wall! This way, you can paint same-colored sections on one go without letting your paint dry!

Island Prima by Island Premium Paints is the perfect paint for your DIY wall painting design projects! With superior adhesion formulated for interior and exterior surfaces, there’s no limit to your creativity. Make your space truly your own with the help of Island Premium Paints!

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