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The Many Advantages of Using Acrylic Paints for Your Home

Home Decorating Tips

The Many Advantages of Using Acrylic Paints for Your Home

Posted on November 12, 2018

Want to redecorate your home but having a hard time choosing which paint to get? The type of paint you choose is just as important as picking the colors for the project you have. Keep in mind that different types of paint work with different surfaces.

With that said, why not try acrylic paint for your next redecorating project? Here’s a handy list from Island Premium Paints on the many charms and advantages of acrylic paint.

Advantages of Using Acrylic Paints for Your Home

Need more convincing? Let Island Premium Paints tell you the ways of acrylic paint.

  • Dual Purpose: Ever experienced finding the perfect paint shade, only to be disappointed to find out that the paint you want is incompatible with your project’s work surface? Avoid the disappointment by choosing acrylic paint! Acrylic paint works for a wide range of interior and exterior surfaces. This saves you time and effort into looking for a different kind of paint, and jumpstarts your actual redecorating project.
  • Adhesion: Most acrylic paints work on concrete, masonry, wood, particle boards, making it a suitable choice for all-around painting projects.
  • Drying Time: Acrylic paint has a quicker drying time than most paints, making it ideal for people redecorating houses that already have people living in it. The waiting time for the next coats of paint you need to apply is reduced, making your work process faster.
  • Durability: In addition to its strong adhesion properties, acrylic paints also tend to flake and break less compared to other types of paint. This is why acrylic paint is often used for painting exterior surfaces, and interior walls of rooms that receive a lot of traffic like the living room and the kitchen. Acrylic paints also have chemical components that make it resistant to mildew, as well as oil-borne and airborne dust.

Island Premium Paints’ Tex-a-Kote is an acrylic solvent-based paint, suitable for interior and exterior surfaces that makes it well-suited to be a durable, decorative finish to your home decor
Explore paint colors and options at the Island Premium Paints website:

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