Home Decorating Tips

Decor Ideas for Your Home Library

decor tips for your home library

Home Decorating Tips

Decor Ideas for Your Home Library

Posted on June 30, 2017

Whether it’s one whole room or a simple corner in the house—the design goal for any library is to transform it from a space with books to a venue of endless reading, flowing conversations, and pouring thoughts. But building your own library at home takes more than choosing the right shelf to store your books into. To help you with this sweet dilemma, here are some para sure suggestions on how to dress up your home library.

Space: Make Room for Imagination

Clean, breathable space should help ease your mind and set it up for an afternoon leisure of reading. Best to start the project by familiarizing yourself with the space you’re working with. Is it big? Tiny? Are there windows? What time of the day does natural light spill in?

For libraries and studies, you may want to keep the center open. Thinking of positioning a coffee table in the middle? Open up some floor space with with open-based options.

By studying the space you’re working with, and establishing a desired mood for it, ideas and specifics for your home library should pour in!

Ambiance: Play with Colors and Textures

How do you see your library? Is it a place for peace? For comfortable cuddles? A go-to corner for meditation, perhaps? Whatever is the desired mood or ambiance, you’re sure to capture it with a few mix-and-matching of colors and textures! Check out these examples!

Sure Serenity

Soft grays, airy whites with cushioned seats, pillows and glass elements is a design scheme that’ll definitely clear your mind and set you up for a focused reading and study.

Cozy and Classy

Cozy in colors are warm tones such as browns and controlled touches of red. For plans of impressing, textures of wood and leather (for your seats) will never fail to deliver.

Don’t forget to factor in light and how it affects paint and color when coming up with a design plan!

Fixtures: Pick the Right Type of Shelving

Open shelves, floating, built-in, high grid or unconventional vertical shelves – know that there are different types of shelves to choose from, and that going for the right one would help you in achieving the desired effect of your library.

Focal Point: The Star of the Room

Apart from the trinkets and treasures carefully picked and positioned in your reading and study space, decide on a focal feature that will immediately reveal the library’s character. Is it a painting or an artwork that instantly starts conversations; a coffee table with a chess game on it for the strategic-minded; or a potted plant which suggests the place to be one for unwinding?

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