Home Decorating Tips

4 Creative Themes to Consider for Your Bedroom

Home Decorating Tips

4 Creative Themes to Consider for Your Bedroom

Posted on December 6, 2016

The bedroom is the ultimate place of comfort in any home. But being a place of comfort doesn’t mean you have to be safe with your room design and decor options for the bedroom. Let your bold personality shine through! Trade those pastel-colored sheets and wall color for these creative themes that should up the room’s vibe and mood.

Fun and Funky

Bring out the loose, funky soul in you with fun deco pieces set on a light, colorful backdrop. Think That 70s show—put on some James Brown music, while you’re at it—and mix various textures such as faux fur and leather. Play with patterns! Honeycombs, for example, gives off an energized retro look.

One thing about going for the fun and funky vibe is that you’ll have to be loose. No room for big, clear spaces here. It’s all about organized clutter and finding comfort in a little chaos.

Classy Black and White

A bedroom with a sharp black and white contrast? Now, that’s classy. If it’s a bedroom with a calculated impressive design you’re after, then this bedroom scheme is for you.

You’ll need to carefully plan out where the blacks and whites will go. One to go about it is to use black on walls, bed sheets and furniture for depth, and balancing it out with white drapes and rugs. A chandelier or two black-shaded night lamps should be nice touches for muted warmth.

Para Sure tip: If you’re thinking of softening the black and white contrast with a third or an accent color, you can keep it classy and lux with metallics such as royal gold and silver.

Bold and Beautiful

Nothing spells out ‘Edgy’ than the strong and powerful combination of black and red. The combination is a nice, balanced pair with red adding spice to your space, black serving a sleek and cooling effect. To further balance this bold choice of pairing, you may want to add white-colored lamps or wooden fixtures.

Light and Lite

If your bedroom space is blessed with many windows, then maybe you should consider a theme that revolves around the use of natural light. Paint the walls white or off-white so that light would bounce off of it. This would make the room appear huge. Use decor pieces made of glass, or position a stylish antique mirror in a corner of the room. Finish off the look with subtle pops of pastel in color.

Perfect background for a “woke up like this” selfie, wouldn’t you agree?

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