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The Healthy Option: The Lowdown on Low VOC Paint

what is low voc paint and why is it healthier than normal paint

Home Decorating Tips

The Healthy Option: The Lowdown on Low VOC Paint

Posted on May 21, 2019

Before the invention of low VOC paint, repainting the home is deemed as potentially harmful to the health. Prolonged exposure to paint fumes are known to be the cause of several health conditions. Low VOC paint was developed as a solution to this problem, and it has surged in popularity ever since. What exactly does low VOC paint mean, and why is it the popular paint choice?

The History of Low VOC Paint

Paint and finishes typically release low level toxic emissions into the air, even years after it was applied. These toxins are a result of various volatile organic compounds (often shorthanded into VOC) that were traditionally needed to ensure high-performing paint. These VOCs are unstable, carbon-containing compounds that mix with the air and form ozone. This gas is one of the main causes of air pollution and the greenhouse effect, and is also a cause of several health issues.

Consumer demands for healthier paint options, as well as the new environmental laws that governments have put into effect, led to the development of low (and even zero) VOC paint options by paint manufacturers. Even without the presence of the harmful compounds, these paint options are still durable against the test of time. They also resist the usual wear and tear that interior and exterior surfaces receive, while also being less harmful to humans and the environment.

Low VOC Paint: The Safer and Healthier Paint Option

With the development of low VOC paint, people can get on with redecorating with less worries. The reduced toxins benefit everyone, especially people who are sensitive to smell and chemicals. The development of low VOC paint also help in reducing the greenhouse gases that are produced before its invention

As low VOC paints are mostly water-based, it is also easier to use and clean up without sacrificing paint quality. It releases little to no odor during application, and is almost odorless once it dries. Low VOC paints also dry faster, and you’ll find yourself in your newly painted spaces in no time.

Try low VOC paint with Island Life by Island Premium Paints! This low-odor, antimicrobial water-based paint not only helps the environment. It also contains an additive that helps reduce the growth of disease-causing bacteria. It is ideal for both interior and exterior surfaces, and available in 14 pastel shades.

Feel free to explore the Island Premium Paints website to learn more about low VOC paint and Island Life.


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