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House Painting Colors for the Gram

how to create an instagram-worthy house

Home Decorating Tips

House Painting Colors for the Gram

Posted on October 24, 2019

Back in the days, when you were planning to do some re-decorating around the house, you turn to magazines, ads on the streets and what have you for inspiration. In today’s world with social media, the sources are close to endless! For starters, we gathered some of the trending house paint colors, sure to win you more than a handful of likes on the Gram! 

For Your Inspo: House Painting Colors from the Gram

It’s all about keying the right search terms and spending some time to browse through the unending choices on your preferred social media platforms. Looking for carpet designs and ideas for placements? Just enter ‘carpet ideas’ and you’ll have about a hundred beautiful posts to be inspired by!

But while inspiration is nothing short these days, making the right choices is definitely much more difficult. See, it’s easy to drown in options, but coming up with one cohesive design from the options is another story. Our suggestion? Keep to these pointers:

  1. Pin down what you’re looking for. Before diving into a search engine and typing in ‘house painting colors’, you have to know what it is that you’re looking for. It helps to have your own vision and establishing to yourself that inspirations are just ideas on how to pull off or enhance what you have in mind.  
  2. Filter through the ideas. Study those that align with your vision and save the others for later, when you decide to take on a new design theme for a specific part of the house.
  3. Put your ideas and inspirations into a mood board. Mood boards may be old-fashioned, but they’re actually tried-and-tested visual tools that give you a preview of whether your room or house painting colors would look cohesive. 

For color ideas, these hues are regular favorites in social media platforms such as Instagram. So, if you’re thinking of a Gram-worthy space, give these colors a look. 

Black & White

Black & White will always be a timeless choice for most. For the millennials, it’s THE classic combo for natural brightness with a graphic punch.  The sample photo above shows a balance of clutter and the simplicity and lightness of the black and white theme. It’s a crisp contrast softened by the placement of indoor plants, and the soft wooden tones of the fixtures. 


Gray wasn’t always one of the top choices for a main color in a design scheme. Projecting subtle sophistication, designer and home makers have come to love the color for its flexibility in terms of impact and keeping to the background as a backdrop for brighter colors such as orange and light wood in the photo above. Gray wall colors such as Charcoal gray are great for white art, textiles, and other decorative trinkets too. 

Blue Green

Putting together two calming hues, blue green is a subtle yet sprightly choice for integrating color into your living spaces. The color offers some flexibility as well, as you can pair it with other tame or muted colors, or mix it in with bold shades such as the yellow fixtures in the sample photo. 

Millennial Pink 

No, it’s not the usual pastel that comes to mind when thinking of nurseries for baby girls. Millennial Pink is a color of now. It’s bold, not too soft, and it continues to show on IG feeds whenever you try to look for ‘modern house color’. Millennial Pink is the new neutral for subtly introducing some color and ambient lighting to a space.


Bold but with an organic feel, the 2017 Pantone color of the year is a designer-favorite as a savvy way to infuse nature’s color into interiors. Despite its rich and vibrant hue, Greenery looks good with other bold colors, or with neutrals such as whites and touches of black in the sample photo. Because Greenery is about thriving and lushness, it’s also a good idea to play and layer with other shades of green and yellow. 

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