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The Best Choice: Best Roof Paint Qualities

Home Decorating Tips

The Best Choice: Best Roof Paint Qualities

Posted on January 4, 2019

It can be a bit confusing to choose the best roof paint for your home when you are given a multitude of options at the store, but we got you covered. Here’s a quick rundown on some terms that you see on the paint cans, and how these qualities can help you choose the best roof paint.

Best Roof Paint Qualities

  • Excellent Durability: Although the Philippines does not experience four seasons like many countries around the world, we still experience extreme weather conditions that can affect our households. The best roof paint should be able to protect the surfaces from water and UV damage, caused by the mix of rain showers and overbearing sunshine.
  • Unmatched Flexibility: Roofs are the surfaces that encounter the change of temperature most frequently. This is the reason why the best roof paints consider flexibility as an important factor. Roofs should be able to keep up with the expansion and contraction of the surface without cracking, flaking, or chalking.
  • Remarkable Adhesion: For your home’s first line of defense against the changing weather seasons, you need the best roof paint that sticks around for a long time. Good paint adhesion means that it stays on the surface properly. This also lessens the amount of time it needs to be repainted.
  • Amazing Color Retention: The paint you choose for your home should make a good first impression to anyone who sees it from the outside. Even your roof paint can make a statement while doing a fine job of protecting your home from the elements. Choose the best roof paint with vibrant, long-lasting color!

Get all these amazing roof paint qualities, condensed into one roof paint: RoofKote by Island Premium Paints! This acrylic, water-based paint is suited to protect your home’s roof surfaces from wear and tear caused by various external factors. Para Sure sa quality ng roof paint, use Island Premium Paints!

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