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Roof Coating Tips for the Rainy Season

roof coating tips in the philippines

Home Decorating Tips

Roof Coating Tips for the Rainy Season

Posted on October 24, 2019

The Philippines does not experience winter snow, but our homes go through the harsh weather conditions of our own rainy season. As the first line of defense against the elements, our roof coating should be able to withstand Philippine weather conditions. Here are a few Para Sure pointers from Island Premium Paints to help you in repainting and reinforcing your roof coating!

Roof Coating: Repaint for Strength

Tropical storms and the notorious Philippine wet monsoon season should not be a problem with a strong roof coating. Here’s how to get the job done, the Island Premium Paints way:

  • Start Early: Drying time increases as temperatures fall and humidity rises. Do your roof coating painting before the rains start, as humidity also rises with cooler weather. Do it at a time when you’ll get direct sunlight on the roof, as condensation on roofs at night is also common in cooler weather.
  • Check for Leaks or Holes: Water-resistant paint is not as useful if there’s space for water to get in, right? Check your roof for any leaks or holes on the material that can let water in. Use water sealants and cover up the leaks before they damage your home!
  • Clean the Roof: The dirt and debris on your roof can lead to rotting and rusting of the material if not properly taken care of. It is best to constantly check on roof gutters and downspouts as well, as stagnant water can collect in these places.
roofkote - galvanized iron paint for roof

The search is over for durable roof coating in RoofKote from Island Premium Paints! An acrylic water-based coating with excellent durability and unmatched flexibility, its formula is made to withstand the Philippine’s particular weather conditions. This roof coating exhibits good adhesion, as well as resistance to flaking, cracking, and chalking.

Island Premium Paints is your source for high-quality paint with a product satisfaction guarantee. Browse our website for roof coating paint options and our other products.

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