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3 Tips for Tiny Spaces

Posted on July 21, 2015

Not everybody is blessed with big houses and interiors that you can spruce up with the newest design trends. The good news is you don’t need a big house to try on new styles, and space is certainly not an issue. Tackling small spaces might seem a challenge at first, but it’s really about keeping it free from clutter and making it feel lived in. Read on for key points to remember in tidying up tiny spaces.


Clean up! Expose more space by decluttering. Ditch the sentimental mindset for a moment, and sort out your items. Decide on which should be kept, hidden, or thrown into that trash bag. Prioritize those trinkets that tend to crowd your surfaces.

An end table could be nice but an end table with hidden storage is better. Multi-purpose furniture and smart storage options are your secret tools in preventing clutter chaos in your space. Just make sure to pick furnishings that complement your room’s scale. Don’t force your heavy duty work desk where a coffee table hardly fits.


It’s been said numerous times, but we’re saying it again: Natural light makes a room look spacious. So, let more light in. Add mirrors and reflective pieces of decor to spread light around the room. Keep your curtains thin. A neat trick you can try is to create an illusion of height by installing curtains that extend beyond your window frame.

Another thing you can do to add to the illusion is to move your fixtures away from the corners of the room. Pushing your furniture up to the wall makes the room appear compact and full.


No access to natural light? Try enhancing an accent wall to define and scale your space. Usually, your accent wall is what anchors the room’s focal point or furniture. This may be a monitor, a humble bookshelf or a beautiful gallery of framed art and photos.

Colors are your sure-fire way to brighten or liven up any room! Use a bright color for the wall to add fun, or a bold, dark shade for drama and depth. For whatever effect you’re aiming for, there’s a spot on color to fit your purpose. Perhaps we can help? Explore color possibilities with us! Click here now.

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