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How the Weather Affects Paint

Home Decorating Tips

How the Weather Affects Paint

Posted on November 2, 2015

With paint brands advertising how they can withstand harsh weather conditions, you might wonder, just how does weather really affect your paint job? Allow us to enlighten you with some answers, as well as what qualities make the best paint for the Philippine weather.

Heat from hot days, humidity, and water from the rainy season—the weather in general affects how your paint dries and absorbs into your surface or substrate.


If you have been doing paint projects on your own for a while now, you might be familiar with the rule of not painting on surfaces that are too hot. Too much heat on your substrate causes your paint to dry faster than required for a durable, long-lasting finish. Heat causes blisters and bubbles on your paint film.

This is why it is advisable to schedule and plan out your paint project, especially when working tackling your home’s exterior.


Damp or wet surfaces are not ideal in painting, as well. For one, your paint’s adhesion to your substrate is compromised, and poor adhesion leaves room for water to seep in. Take a brief time to inspect the exterior of your home, have you seen any bubbles? Another common paint problem that you can blame wet surfaces for is peeling paint.

Obviously, you wouldn’t paint the exterior of your home while it’s raining cats and dogs, but after and you decide to start or proceed with your paint project, make sure to practice thorough surface preparation.


Apart from it promoting the growth of mildew and algae, as well as grain cracking in wood, humidity affects paint—water-based paint to be exact—in a way that it interferes with how its water content evaporates to leave a tough coating. Dew created from a humid day dilutes the paint, making it run off of your substrate.

The Best Paint for the Philippine Weather

As you would know the Philippines has two seasons: the dry season and the unpredictable, sometimes timid, sometimes chaotic wet season. It should only be right to be equipped with the best paint for the Philippine weather.

As most experts agree on, the best paint for the Philippine weather should offer exceptional durability and flexibility without discounting paint’s superficial duty of delivering an attractive finish. That’s why, of its quality products, Island Paints recommends interior and exterior latex paint Island Prima as the best paint for the Philippine weather. 100% acrylic and water-based, rely on Island Prima to provide high gloss, superior gloss retention and strong resistance against common paint failures brought about by bad weather.


Learn more about Island Paints Prima or have us assist you on more specific home improvement concerns.

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