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The Color Scheme to Pull Off Industrial-themed Interiors

how to pull off industrial-themed interiors

Home Decorating Tips

The Color Scheme to Pull Off Industrial-themed Interiors

Posted on February 10, 2021

When you think of industrial interior design or decor, what instantly comes to mind are color schemes with gray, large black metal windows, raw wood and exposed bricks. What about the design theme makes it pleasing to most? More importantly, how do you achieve the look for your own home? Read on to learn more on industrial design for interiors and what colors work.

Reasons to Go Industrial on Your Interiors

The right balance of sleek modernity and old world charm, an industrial theme is the perfect image of sophistication but with a laid back, lived in feel. It’s about celebrating a raw, unfinished look by tastefully putting a spotlight on the usual building materials such as wood, metal and concrete. What’s to love about the design trend? Here are what experts and homemakers agree on: 

  • Industrial interior design is pleasingly flexible. One can easily pull it off with the right colors, lighting and key furniture pieces. 
  • The theme is eco-friendly as it encourages the use of recycled or worn out but still usable materials. 
  • There’s little-to-no need for cosmetic tricks or pro techniques. 

More than aesthetics, what most appreciate about industrial interior design is that it’s functional, stylish, and very doable. 

Neutrals: Industrial Color Schemes

Remember that the keywords to industrial interior design are ‘natural’ and ‘bare’. This is why if you check for inspiration online, you’ll find that most photos will have neutral colors. Industrial interior design mainly relies on combinations of neutral and earth colors to pull everything into a neat and harmonious look. Industrial color schemes will almost always include these neutral options: 

  • In carefully planned placements such as in light fixtures and trims, the color black will always add a touch of drama, sophistication and mystery to your space. 
  • Especially when used in contrast to black, white helps bring out a crisp look to your space. It’s also a go-to color for when you want your space to look clean, airy and bigger than it really is.
  • Gray is a true neutral as it pairs well with any color. Dubbed as the modern desiigner’s favorite, it can be used for various effects such as softening spaces, as well as warming or cooling spaces.
  • The color brown breathes security and communicates comfort and stability, which works well if combined with the sharp black and white contrast.

Industrial color schemes don’t end with just neutrals. Once you’ve established a neutral color palette, you can work in bold hues in small details. Pops of bright tangerines and yellows adds more warmth and comfort while deep colors such as navy blue adds to the enormity of your industrial-themed space. 

Additional Tips for Pulling Off an Industrial Design Theme

Add more to your colors with these elements that will help define your space.

  • Work with less plush fabrics, and get creative with wood, metal and concrete. 
  • For shapes and silhouettes, industrial interior design mostly works with straight lines and squared shapes.
  • No wooden flooring? No problem. Although wooden floors are an industrial staple, polished concrete floors work well into the theme. 
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