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Tips & Tricks on How to Paint Woodworks

Home Decorating Tips

Tips & Tricks on How to Paint Woodworks

Posted on October 24, 2019

You may think that painting wood is as plain, fast and simple as painting walls. But the truth is, painting wooden furniture requires a few extra steps to ensure a flawless, long-lasting job. To help you get a professional-looking finish, take these Para Sure tips on painting wood and using wood paint.

Assess Your Surface
Whether it’s for wood, concrete or any other type of substrate, it’s always important to study the condition of your surface or work area. This should help you determine the right tools for the job. Is it exterior or interior? Will the lighting where the furniture will be put in affect the color you wish to paint on it?

Whether your surface is bare or previously coated has an impact in the process as well.

  • If you’re painting bare wood: even out the surface by sanding in the direction of the wood grain using a medium grit sandpaper.
  • If you’re painting a previously finished project: you have to clean the surface well and lightly sand the old paint with a medium grit sanding block. This should allow new paint coats to bond with existing paint coats.

Never Skip Priming
Priming your surface may sometimes seem like additional work, but it actually ensures that your paint sticks well on your surface. Think of primer paint as a bonding coat between paint and surface. When paint adheres properly, premature paint failures such as peeling, cracking and leaks have low chances of happening soon. Plus, primed projects usually require fewer coats, saving you money and time.

Para Sure tip: align your primer with your topcoat. If you plan on using oil-based wood paint, go with an oil-based primer. Remember though that oil-based paints need more drying time versus water-based paints.

Sand In Between Coats
Wood can look raw and rough, or smooth and polished. When working with wood paint though, the usual intention is the latter. If you want to go for a natural look, a wood stain product is the way to go.

The more you sand, the smoother and more even your surface becomes. And sanding your previous paint coat tones down bumps and inconsistencies introduced by your brush or roller. Now, when sanding in between coats, remember to sand lightly. Applying too much pressure on the sandpaper may ruin your previous coat and leave you with a more uneven surface to work with.

These Para Sure tips on sanding coats should help you get a clean and smooth-to-the-touch surface:

  • You can go gradual with your sandpaper. Start with a coarse grit sandpaper after the first coat, followed by a medium grit and then a fine grit before your final coat.
  • Spraying a fine mist of water over the sanded surface will raise the grain.
  • Sand in the direction of the grain to avoid damaging your surface.
  • Make sure you clean up and remove sanding residue before applying additional coats.
  • Using a vacuum to clean helps contain shavings and residue, and keep them from flying all around or back unto your surface.

ColorQuick: A Vibrant Paint Choice for Wood
Finding the right color and wood paint are part of painting new life unto your wooden pieces. As mentioned earlier, studying the conditions of your surface will help you zero in on the right finish, the correct shade, and the appropriate paint product for the project.

Specially formulated to provide a reliably durable, high-gloss finish, ColorQuick Quick Dry Enamel is a no-lead, alkyd-based enamel for wood and metal surfaces in interior and exterior locations. Choose from a wide catalogue of over 240 special mixed and 30 pre-mixed colors.

Painting wood may require a few extra steps when you compare it painting concrete walls. But keep with these wood paint tips and best practices, and you’re sure to end up with chic, brand new-looking wooden furniture pieces.

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