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How to Properly Compute for Your Next Paint Job

Take the guesswork out of painting and use a paint estimator to determine how much product you’ll need

Home Decorating Tips

How to Properly Compute for Your Next Paint Job

Posted on November 15, 2021

Gearing up for a new paint job? While you’ve surely thought about the color and type of paint you’ll be applying on your walls and the tools you may need, have you considered how much product you need to use?

Believe it or not, knowing the amount of paint you’ll need is just as important as knowing your color and the tools you’ll need. Careful calculation and planning can help prevent waste caused by having too much paint product available, and also reduce the need for repurchasing because of a lack of product.

Knowing the correct estimate can also help you calculate the amount of money you’ll need to spend and help you budget effectively, especially if there are other expenses you need to consider. This is where a painting estimator can come in and help you.

Learn how to compute paint per square meter with the help of a simple formula. This way, you won’t experience project delays, and reduce headaches caused by having too much or too little paint.

How to Get a Correct Paint Estimate Per Square Meter

Whether you’re painting your walls or ceilings, this paint calculator formula in square meters can be useful. Remember this the next time you plan a paint job:

(Area / Spread Rate) x Number of Coats = Total amount of paint you’ll need

Here’s how you can know the value for each variable in this formula:

  • Area (sqm): Use a metal measuring tape and calculate the length and width of the area. Then, multiply these values to get the total area (square meters). If there are doors or windows, measure their surface area using the same formula, and subtract their value from the value of the whole surface area.
  • Spread rate (sqm/liter): This value, which varies per product, can be found in the technical data sheet for it.
  • Number of coats: Much like the spread rate, you can find the recommended value for this in the product’s technical data sheet.

The resulting value of this formula is in liters (L). Here’s a sample computation with these values:

  • Area: 5m (length) x 3m (width) = 15sqm
  • Sample spread rate: 7.5sqm/L
  • Number of coats: 2
(15sqm / 7.5sqm/L) x 2 = x
(2 L) x 2 = x
2 x 2 = 4
= 4 (you will need 4 liters or 1 gallon of paint)

Other Considerations to Bear in Mind

Much like any formula or equation some factors can alter the value of your variables. For instance, while it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to the number of paint coats, some details can change this amount, namely:

  • Presence of pigments and resins: Some paint products have higher amounts of pigments and resins. If you end up purchasing a product with high amounts of these substances, you may only need one coat for a particular application.
  • Working with an already painted surface: If you’re repainting an already painted wall with the same color, you can opt to use one coat of paint only. However, if you’re making a drastic change, such as using a light color over an already dark wall or vice versa, you may need to use two to three coats of paint.
  • Working over a bare surface: Meanwhile, if you’re painting a bare wall and want it to last longer than usual, you can use two or three coats of paint.

The surfaces you’ll be working on may also affect the total amount of paint you’ll need. For instance, you may need more paint than the originally calculated value if you’re working on rough surfaces like brick, shingle or shake siding, or brick. The same principle applies to porous surfaces like stucco or unpainted drywall since they absorb paint at a higher rate.

Working with any of these mentioned surfaces may also require items like primers or special brushes to ensure that the paint adheres to them. You may eventually need to factor them in your budget so you can end up with a successful paint job.

If you feel like you need more insights on how much paint to use, especially on tricky surfaces, feel free to talk to a professional who can help provide an estimate for you, and guide you through the process as well.

However, calculating the amount of paint you’ll need for your paint job doesn’t seem so daunting, right? This simple formula can be a lifesaver, especially if you’re working on a tight budget.

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