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8 Home Improvement Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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Home Decorating Tips

8 Home Improvement Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Posted on June 14, 2017

Limited space is no excuse to shelf your re-decorating plans for your bathroom. On the lookout for home improvement hacks that’ll add extra space to your small bathroom? Check out these para sure ideas from Island Paints!

Create Illusions with Graphics and Colors

Home improvement fact: choosing the right colors and patterns will work wonders on any small space.

1. Work with your bathroom’s natural light. From your windows, have it bounced and spread around the room with walls painted with bright hues.

2. No windows in your bathroom? While it’s true that light and bright colors make a room look big and breathable, select bold color options can also make a big statement too. Try this: paint your walls a brand new personality with colors such as deep red, dark plum or kelly green. To counterbalance the intensity of any of these dramatic colors, pair with white trims or keep the floor white.

3. If painting the walls is really not an option for you, adding colors via accessories and key decorative pieces should help. Have fun with glass, mirrors and metallics!

4. Patterns and shapes are another way to create illusion with space. Go for patterns that suggest movement. Horizontal lines or horizontally-oriented shapes will automatically lengthen your room, while vertical ones will add height.

5. When working with intricately-detailed patterns, remember to maintain balance by keeping the rest of the space simple and clean.


Maximize Storage

Home improvement fact: small spaces look even smaller with cluttered surfaces. The sure solution would be to declutter once in a while. Keep only the essentials out, and the not-so’s in your storage spaces. Here are other ways to maximize your storage spaces in the bathroom:

6. Keep the clutter away and your bulky storage spaces hidden from sight with built-in storage or spaces.

7. Open, floating shelves are good options for storage as they take up less visual space.

Find the Right Fixtures

Fixtures and their placement may also affect how a space is perceived.

8. The vanity or the sink is the usual focal point of bathrooms. Furniture-style vanities are timeless and should add character to your bathroom.

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