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How to Install Floating Shelves

Home Decorating Tips

How to Install Floating Shelves

Posted on August 9, 2015

Thinking of beautifying that blank wall at the end of the hall? Or maybe you’re looking for a new storage option that takes up the slightest floor space? For whichever purpose, floating shelves may be the answer. Even without professional help, upgrading your home with floating shelves can be done. And it’s easy! Follow these simple steps on how to properly install floating shelves.


To determine the tools you’ll need, study the type of wall you’re working with. Is it a drywall or a plaster wall? If it’s a solid brick or masonry wall, then 6-10mm screws will hold your brackets and shelf in place. The best and standard practice is to attach your shelf and bracket to a wall stud. How to locate a wall stud? Get yourself a Stud Finder. Available at your local home store, stud finders are basically a hand-held magnetic device that can detect metal behind your wall.


The typical tool set for installing floating shelves would include screws, screwdriver, wall anchors, drill, level, and tape measure. Along with these items, floating shelf kits are available in any home store or supermarket. A kit normally includes a bracket and the shelf itself. In choosing what kind of floating shelf to get—how long, how thick, what material, and what color—consider your purpose for needing shelves. Are they to hold your kitchen equipment? Will they be displaying special trinkets in the living room? For display purposes, it would be a nice touch if your shelf is color-coordinated with your walls. Send us a shoutout! We’d love to help with your color choices.


Mark and measure that space on the wall where you want your shelf to be. Make sure that your shelf sits straight. To serve as your guide, use a level to draw a thin pencil line across the wall surface. Drill holes for your wall anchors. Then, fasten your bracket by screwing them onto the anchors. Slide and secure your shelf on the bracket. Finally, finish the job by adding your stunning display of fixtures and accessories.

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