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Does Cool Roof Paint Beat the Heat? Learn More Here

Posted on May 19, 2023

In a country wherein humid days and scorching hot temperatures are the norm, keeping it cool is definitely a priority for a lot of people. Although drinking ice-cold beverages or installing air conditioning units can let people beat the heat, did you know that a certain kind of roof paint can help with this goal too?

When choosing roof paints for your next project, especially if you are working in a humid area that can receive a lot of sunlight, cool roof paint may be a good choice. Learn why this type of paint can be used in tropical and humid places like in the Philippines, its various types, and how it can be applied in your next project.

What Is Cool Roof Paint?

Cool roof paint is designed to reflect sunlight that hits a roof and ultimately provide a cooling effect to interiors underneath it. This type of paint, which is usually white, also helps protect a roof from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and prevent cracks and chemical and water damage. Cool roof paint can be applied using a roller or brush and can be easy to clean.

There are actually many types of cool roof paints available in the market. They can be differentiated from one another upon checking the components of what the paint is made of, as well as the paint’s Solar Reflective Index (SRI) value or a roof’s ability to return solar energy back to the atmosphere. With that said, here are some of the cool roof paints you may encounter:

  • Acrylic-based cool roof paint: This has a high SRI value allowing the roof to reflect heat better. It can also offer waterproofing abilities. Acrylic-based cool roof paint is usually composed of cross-linking polymers, special glass microfibers, pigments, and advanced antifungal additives.
  • Fiber-filled liquid cool roof coats or paint: Just like the first product, fiber-filled liquid cool roof coats have a high SRI rating and have waterproofing abilities.
  • Polymer cool roof paint: This is water-based and contains polymers and specially designed “microspheres” that help with thermal insulation.
  • PUD hybrid cool roof paint: Another water-based product, PUD hybrid cool roof paint contains microfibers that allow the product to deliver waterproofing and crack resistance capabilities.
  • Cementitious roof paint: This product is composed of concrete and ceramic particles mixed together in white paint. Its lack of water resistance may be a drawback though, so if you may need to use this paint, prepare the surface with a waterproof solution first.

If you need additional information about these types of cooling roof paints, you can ask an expert who can guide you through choosing the best product for your build.

What Are the Pros of Cool Roof Paint?

If you are wondering why cool roof paint should be considered over traditional types of roof paint, take note of the following benefits linked to the former:

  • Offers interior-cooling abilities
  • Reduces need for air conditioning and eventually, electricity bills
  • Reduces roof temperature and helps extend the roof’s “life”
  • Enhances comfort and safety of interior spaces that are not air-conditioned
  • Helps cool down outside air
  • Helps slow down smog formation from air pollutants
  • Assists in lessening peak energy demand and in inhibiting sudden power outage
  • Requires minimal surface preparation
  • Can be used readily
  • Assists in preventing cracks
  • Offers resistance against water, algae, fungi, and ultraviolet rays
  • Adheres to concrete excellently 

Does Cool Roof Paint Work for Every Surface?

According to some industry experts, cool roof paints can be favorable to certain types of roofing. This type of paint is said to work best on low-pitched or sloped roofs since these roofs are angled to receive the sun’s rays directly. As a result, these surfaces can absorb more solar radiation and help deliver a cooling effect in the building’s interiors.

Cool roof paint may be used for flat surfaces too. You can just ask an expert on how to apply and use this paint properly. Moreover, if you have a metal roof, it may actually exhibit “cooling” properties already. It is said that a lot of modern metal products are made with a reflective and cooling coating incorporated into the material.

On the other hand, utilizing cool roof paint can be counterproductive if you live somewhere with cool climates. This type of paint is more vital for houses or buildings in areas that receive a lot of sunlight.

Choose This Roof Paint From Island Paints!

If you are looking for roof paint that is durable and can last the test of time, go for Island Paints RoofKote! This paint can be used on roofing made of galvanized iron, masonry, concrete tiles, or unglazed brick, as well as gutters or downspouts.

Island Paints’ RoofKote is an acrylic, water-based paint that produces a glossy finish, and provides excellent durability and unmatched flexibility. Moreover, it adheres to surfaces well, and provides resistance against flaking, cracking, and chalking.

What’s good about Island Paints’ RoofKote is that it can be applied via brush, rollers, or spray. Take note of the proper application techniques here:

  • Brush and roller application: You can apply the paint as is, or add 1/4 liter of clean water to 1 gallon of paint.
  • Spray application: You can add 1/4 to 1/2 liter of clean water to 1 gallon of paint. To ensure optimum performance and application, apply two coats onto the surface.

When and How to Apply Cool Roof Paint

Summer may be the best time to apply cool roof paint (or any type of roof paint for that matter). Carrying out this task during the sunny months of the year can help the paint dry faster without the threat of paint job-ruining rainfall.

This type of paint should also be applied onto a clean surface that is free of debris. If you are using Island Paints’ RoofKote, take note of how to apply this onto various surfaces:

  • New Galvanized Iron Roof
    • Dust off the surface and thoroughly. You can also apply chemical treatments onto the surface but it is optional.
    • Ensure that the surface is dry before applying a primer coat.
  • Old and Rusty Galvanized Iron Roof
    • Check the surface for signs of rust. If there are, sand or steel brush the rusted areas accordingly.
    • Apply Island Paints 440C Rust Converter Paint on the affected areas. This will help convert the rust into iron phosphate so it becomes a stable and hard mass that can be part of the metal.
    • Once the rust converter paint has dried, apply a coat of Island Metal Primer 700 Red Oxide to help protect the surface from further corrosion and rust. Let the area dry.
    • If there are no rusting areas and the surface is in good condition, clean it up and apply Island Paints RoofKote 370 Metaprime Gray as a primer.
    • Once the surface is dry, apply the finishing coat.

Take note that Island Paints’ RoofKote takes two (2) to four (4) hours to dry to recoat and has a shelf life of 3 years in an unopened container.

After you finish using Island Paints’ RoofKote, seal the container tightly and store in an area far away from children, with temperatures that will not exceed 35⁰C.

Refrain from disposing of the product together with household garbage. Instead, take note of government regulations regarding product disposal and ensure that the substance will not reach the sewage system to avoid environmental problems.

Final Considerations for Cool Roof Paint

On a final note, do remember that roof painting can be a laborious and even risky task, especially if you are a beginner. To prevent injuries and accidents that can put you and other people’s lives at risk, talk to and seek the help of professionals. This way, they can walk you through what can be done, disclose what items you’ll need, and determine the type of cool roof paint that will be best suited for the project. 

To know more about cool roof paints and how to utilize these, head over to the Island Paints website today! Feel free to browse through articles that’ll allow you to take note of roof painting tips, gain additional insights on the ideal paint to choose for your roof, and provide information when it comes to roof maintenance.


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