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Tips ‘n Tricks for Concrete Painting

tips and tricks for concrete painting

Home Decorating Tips

Tips ‘n Tricks for Concrete Painting

Posted on June 1, 2020

Concrete is a sturdy and reliable substance that requires a lot of preparation before painting. You can get creative with it, but first, consider that this material behaves totally different from the other surfaces like wood or metal. You might end up with incorrect preparation steps or wrong materials, guaranteeing your paint job to fail completely. Finding the best paint and primer for concrete surfaces is just the first step.

Here are some para sure tips ‘n tricks to help you with concrete painting.

Para Sure Tip #1: Use concrete stain or dye

Unlike concrete surfaces, house paint tends to peel off easily because it doesn’t breathe as much, causing moisture build-up underneath the paint which eventually leads to adherence loss. Concrete stains and dyes, however, breathe just like concrete. Concrete stains are made out of a blend of pigments and acrylic polymers that react chemically with the concrete surface. Meanwhile, concrete dyes are non-reactive. It colors the cement thanks to the tiny particles that penetrate into the surface.

Another option you can use is epoxy garage floor paint. Applying it is going to be much more challenging though, as epoxy takes time to dry plus an additional curing period for it to harden properly. If you are using epoxy on an interior space or surface, make sure you have enough ventilation to let out the fumes.

Para Sure Tip #2: Prep the surface correctly

Like any other surface, painting on concrete requires a lot of prep work. You should make sure to get rid of old paint with a chemical paint remover. You can even eliminate old paint by roughing up the surface with a concrete grinder. The texture of the concrete should be similar to that of a 120 grit sandpaper. Avoid being hasty with this process.

Para Sure Tip #3: Thoroughly clean and wash the surface

Now that the old paint is gone, traces of chemical paint remover may still be left behind. Power wash the surface with water to remove any stray debris that you might have missed with the initial prep. This is a crucial step that you cannot skip as it avoids any future chemical reactions with the primer and paint. Be patient and let it dry.

Para Sure Tip #4: Test for moisture penetration

It was mentioned previously that concrete floors need to breathe, that’s why regular wall paint cannot be used. You may test for moisture penetration by following these steps:

  1. Cover a 3x3ft area of the concrete surface with heavy clear plastic sheeting. Tape it down completely and leave it for a couple of days.
  2. Check if there is moisture collecting under the plastic. If there is none, you may move on to priming. However, if there is moisture, you need to apply a masonry sealer first and repeat this process before applying the final color.

Para Sure Tip #5: Use the best primer for a concrete surface

Skipping primer may work for other surfaces (which we don’t recommend), but it won’t especially work for concrete. Concrete is a complex surface that breathes and takes a lot of wear and tear, so skipping the primer is not optional. You’ll find yourself re-doing your paint project in a few weeks or months if you do so.

Want to take your project to the next level?

Try Island Paints Super Kinis Skim Coat – the best primer for concrete surfaces!

Island Super Kinis Skim Coat is a fast setting polymer modified cement-based compound that provides smooth finish to interior & exterior concrete surfaces. It has excellent bonding strength, excellent filling properties, and good hydrophobicity that makes your paint job last long.

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