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Waterproof Paint for Wood 101

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Waterproof Paint for Wood 101

Posted on July 9, 2021

Wood exteriors can add a different level of curb appeal to your home. But when painting for exterior surfaces, whether it’s wood, concrete, or any other surface, it’s not just the look you’re after, but durability. After all, an attractive home exterior is only good if it lasts for a long time. And to make a beautiful home exterior that stands the test of time– and the Philippine climate is quite unforgiving– you need to start by choosing high-quality waterproof paint. 

Here, we cover the basics of exterior paint: how it differs from interior paint and the qualities to look for when shopping for high-quality paint.

Why should you waterproof your wood exterior?

If you want to preserve the natural beauty and strength of wood, you must also know how to protect it against water damage. It’s no secret that wood can easily absorb water which is a huge risk of decay and rot.

Being in a country such as the Philippines when the rainy season is something a lot of people do not look forward to, you don’t want water getting into parts of your home where it shouldn’t be. Water in unwanted places in your home may lead to damages. It rots wood and may cause the weakening of concrete. Your home’s foundation and structure weakens and decays along with these damages. If nothing is done about it, accidents and real danger may ensue.

There are certain dangers when it comes to water soaking into the porous surface of a wood structure. It’s important to protect anything made out of wood that’s exposed to the outdoor elements. Decks and pillars come easily to mind but there are all kinds of structures that require waterproofing to avoid any unpleasant consequences.

A common trap that people fall into is choosing a more water-resistant type of wood, thinking that this allows them to skip complete waterproofing. It largely depends on the type of project but it is safe to say that water resistance has certain limitations when it comes to long-term water exposure. Unless the wood surface is properly waterproofed, water-resistant wood may still get damaged; it will just take longer for the effects to show.

Using waterproofing products for wood is also beneficial because you also get protection against other outdoor conditions such as humidity and UV exposure. Wood that has been carefully treated for water damage prevention is more resistant to mold, scratches, and other typical dangers. It sounds like a tedious process but if you’re interested in the durability of wood, waterproofing is definitely a must.

What is the difference between wood stain and wood paint?

When it comes to purpose and function, stain and paint are pretty much the same. You can use both to spruce up your wood surfaces with color, as well as to protect them. The differences are in the makeup and how these finish options work. On one hand, a stain will always be thinner and will penetrate the wood when applied. On the other hand, paint will create a thin film of color and stay on top of your wood substrate.

Easily one of the advantages of paint is that you have a wider variety of colors to choose from. Even so, Island Paints’ stains such as Natura NGR Stain and Natura Penetrating Dye come in a set of Red, Brown, Yellow, Orange, and Black to offer a little more than the standard set of stain colors.

But while you get a bigger set of options with paint when it comes to sheen, going for wood stains gives you the option for semi-transparent and solid finishes. This is best for when you want to go for a rustic effect, as semi-transparent wood stain dramatically enhances and brings out a wooden surface’s natural beauty and texture. 

It’s also worth noting that it only follows that the quality of the wood material affects the end look of your project. Almost like paint, solid stains are usually used on structures or parts where seeing the wood’s texture is not so important.

How to work with wood paint

Know the conditions of the wood surface.

The general rule to picking the right paint applies: consider the conditions of your substrate or surface. Will the sun be directly hitting your surface, or is it in a high-traffic area? If so, then you should be using paint that can tough out the sun and other damaging exterior elements.

Tip: Latex or water-based paints are easier to work with, but only a few are guaranteed to weather the elements. Oil-based paints offer excellent durability for high-traffic areas. 

Prepare your wood surface properly.

The first thing you learn when working with paint is that the first and most important step to getting a smooth finish is to work with a smooth and properly prepared surface. This is also the same for wood. In this case, you’ll need to consider what type of wood you’ll be working with. Surface preparation will vary according to whether your wood is bare or previously painted.

For bare wood, sand with fine sandpaper until your surface is smooth. Then clean the dust off with a cloth or a rag before applying a stain-blocking primer and finally, your paint of choice.

If working with painted wood, use Trisodium Phosphate or a non-residue cleaner to clean your surface. To help your coat adhere better, rough out your surface with fine sandpaper before using a stain-blocking primer.

Choose the right paint

Aside from being waterproof, you’ll want paint that’s vivid and extra strong against everyday wear and tear. Island Premium Paints’ Colorquick Quick Dry Enamel is an alkyd-based paint for wood and metal surfaces, lead-free and formulated to provide high gloss, weather-resistant coatings. It also comes in an assortment of 30 premixed and 240 special colors for you to choose from.

Painting your home’s exterior to make it attractive, durable, and waterproof may sound like a major task, but with Island Paints? You can!

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