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beginners guide to painting cabinets

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A Guide to Painting Cabinets

Posted on April 7, 2015

Looking to update your room without spending a fortune? Giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paint can surely do the job. It beats the cost of a major remodel but thorough preparation is the key to a successful repainting project. Follow these quick and easy steps to help you achieve perfection for your DIY cabinets.

Prep the Cabinets

The best way to paint cabinets is to remove the cabinet doors and drawers. Use a screwdriver to do this and be sure to remove the hinges and handles as well. If you are going to reuse them, be sure to store them somewhere safe but if you are to replace them, use the old ones as a sample to get a perfect size. Replacing them can really give your cupboards a completely new look. You can also label after removing them so you can easily return them to the right place.

Clean and Cover

Protect your floor with newspapers or old cloth and wear a dust mask or protective goggles before proceeding to the next step.

The most important step for a smooth finish is cleaning your cabinets. Before you begin sanding or painting, make sure to clean all the surfaces to be repainted. Use a solution made from one part tri-sodium phosphate and four parts water.

Sand, Prime, and Sand

Now it’s time to sand! Use a medium-grade sandpaper and sand down the edges of wooden, painted or varnished drawers and doors. Wipe off all the dust and give it another good clean.

Next step is painting on a coat of primer. Let it dry and apply another coat. Once it is fully dry, give the cupboards a light sanding to smooth and brush out strokes. And again, wipe off any dust.

Time to Paint!

Now you can finally paint your cabinets! At this point, your cabinet doors probably look awful after all the sanding and priming, but fear not, you’ve built a great foundation for the top coats of paint. Invest in a good paintbrush or roll. Cheaper ones tend little bristles and brush marks behind. Apply the first coat of paint and leave it to dry overnight. For a more durable finish, reapply another coat. Now just return everything with your screwdriver and you’re done!

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