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9 Office Paint Colors to Make Your Work From Home Setup More Productive

Home Decorating Tips

9 Office Paint Colors to Make Your Work From Home Setup More Productive (Infographic)

Posted on July 17, 2020

Colors can heavily impact us physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Angela Wright, a world-renowned color psychologist has developed a scientifically-tested theory of color named the color affects system. Her work says that while every individual may interpret colors differently, universally, it influences everyone on a very basic level. 

So with that, plus a few adjustments to your workspace and routine, yes, you can be productive at home!

9 “YES, YOU CAN!” Colors For A Productive Workspace

Cottony White, While the color white may have a clinical appearance, soft off-whites like Cottony White gives off a warm, yet clean appearance. Plus, it’s easy to decorate and design around.

Jungle Green, A soft teal with a touch of grey like Jungle Green can turn any workspace into a professional setting. 

Frost Burn, If your line of work is fast-paced and stressful, go for Frost Burn. This soft light blue will calm your environment and give off a tranquil vibe. Urchin Spine, If you’re always present in video meetings, Blue-grays like Urchin Spine can give your plain backdrop a much-needed professional boost. Eggyolk, Working in the creative industry? Pastel yellows like Eggyolk will get those juices flowing! In terms of design, this shade is easy to accent with whites and browns.
Bole, Rich browns like Bole work very well in spaces that need to feel powerful, especially when paired with rich wood office furniture. It also gives off a masculine, yet warm aura. Flora Azalea, For a bit of feminine flair with a calming and regal feel, try a soft purple like Flora Azalea. Ilax Leaf, If you’re always overwhelmed by your workload, rich, dark, velvety green like Ilax Leaf will create a sense of calm and reassurance. Plus they look great in a space with lots of windows! Solidago, While an orange like Solidago can look a little too much, it is the perfect remedy for those lethargic afternoons. Try painting it on an accent wall!

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